Jennifer Aydin Is Embarrassed About Bribing Her Kids on Camera

Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie Jennifer Aydin wasted no time creating drama on the show. There was her first ever girls’ trip to Oklahoma, where she bragged about her amazing house and all its amazing bathrooms. She also delighted in insulting Margaret Josephs’ friend, and long-suffering hostess, Polly.

Jennifer had no qualms about going on a second girls’ trip, much to conservative husband Bill Aydin’s dismay. The Cabo trip will go down as being the most infamous in RHONJ history. Margaret likened Jennifer’s plump and pouty lips to “a monkey’s a**hole.” At dinner one night, Margaret threw wine at Danielle Staub after Danielle cackled about how Margaret’s children are not in her life. Danielle flung a glass at Margaret, hitting Melissa Gorga’s leg. Finally, when Melissa accused Jennifer of throwing the glass, Jennifer smashed a glass on the table and brandished it at Melissa.

So, what from Season 9 is most embarrassing to Jennifer? The most likely answer? Her tequila-fueled throw-down at the dinner in Cabo? Nope. Also, her admission that she does random bag searches before her nanny leaves their home? Nope.

According to an article from People, she is embarrassed for bribing her five kids while the cameras rolled. “Offering to buy them something on Amazon, on camera, for bribing them. People don’t understand — sometimes I gotta get them to cooperate!” Jennifer confessed. She added, “And yes, I bribe them with things, but I don’t always follow through with my bribes.” Well, that makes it totally fine, right?

Jennifer does explain that she strives to find a balance to give attention to each child. “For them to feel nurtured at home, my presence is a big factor in that. Sometimes I feel like I’m spread so thin by trying to make every child happy because every child has a different project or something else that’s going on in their life.” Jennifer does lean on a babysitter for help, as well as her mother and sister.

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Jennifer and her husband share five children between the ages of  6 and 14 years old. Of course, who can forget when Jennifer hosted a get-together for the Housewives and their kids? There was a bouncy house inside their house! It was this play date that inspired Jackie Goldschneider to write a shady complimentary article about Jennifer’s extravagant lifestyle. She questioned if children should be spoiled. Jennifer was so enraged by the article that she gifted Jackie with a dagger from Turkey so that Jackie can stab her in the back.

In the end, comparing her life before kids to her life now, Jennifer is happy about her present-day life. Therefore, she concluded, “Like, I say I’m 41. I don’t give a sh*t. I don’t look 41 and I have five kids. I’m married to a plastic surgeon. I live in a castle. I’m proud of where I am right now.” Out of everything she did this season, the bribes are not top of mind on the list of regrets. Then again, the glass smashing and drunk remarks did get her a lot of attention. And maybe, just maybe a second season on the show.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]