Lisa Vanderpump Trades Insults With Kristen Doute On Watch What Happens Live Appearance

Even though Lisa Vanderpump was Andy Cohen’s only guest on Watch What Happens Live, it felt like she had company. Vanderpump Rules cast member Kristen Doute chimed in with her own commentary via tweet. Next time, Andy should invite both of them to the Bravo clubhouse to hash out their differences. That would be some good TV.

Lisa did her best to explain why she has sympathy for James Kennedy, Kristen’s (latest) mortal enemy. Kristen wasn’t having it, even while she was watching from her couch at home. She couldn’t resist tweeting some retorts. And, of course, Andy read her posts during the episode.

Before the Kristen interruptions, Andy told Lisa, “The last time you were here, was with your brother.” Then, she responded, “In fact, the last picture I have with him was sitting right there. So, it’s been really, really, difficult.” After, she admitted, “It hasn’t been easy. I had a bit of an emotional breakdown, but I’m back.”

Then, they got into the conversation that Lisa had with James’ mother during the last episode of Vanderpump Rules. Andy began, “When the mom said he needs a mother figure and you said ‘Hold on a second. That’s your job.'”

Lisa explained, “I think that’s basically the kind of crux of the problem really. The fact that he has struggled with this whole respect issue because her life was falling apart. One thing I have to say is that there is another side of James Kennedy. We do see how he has been incredibly supportive of his family financially. All that he’s done with women, I stand against and that’s why I let him go and because of his drinking. However, he really does have this strong, compassionate side though.”

Lisa also blamed editing for the VERY long pause that James took after Raquel Leviss asked if he thought she was dumb. Kristen’s Twitter fingers went to work. Kristen wrote, “Oh c’mon Lisa you’re better than that to blame editing. James thinks Raquel is dumb. It doesn’t mean he’s right or wrong.” Later, Kristen tweeted, “WE ARE ALL SUPPORTIVE OF OUR FAMILIES.”

What did Lisa have to say about Kristen’s tweets? She remarked, “Let’s not hit someone while they’re down. I even saw tonight she was like ‘he hasn’t [drank] for a week and a half.’  Well, when’s the last time you haven’t drink for a week and a half?”

Later in the episode, a fan asked, “Do you think Jax [Taylor] will go back to his old ways?” Lisa answers, “We should have faith. Oh, he did that already.” Damn. And right after her whole respecting women rant, she did exactly what everyone is mad at James for: making fun of Jax for cheating on Brittany Cartwright with Faith Stowers. Well, that is just one of the things that everyone is mad at James for. Just add body shaming and excessive drinking to the list.

Immediately after her joke, Lisa said, “Sorry, Brittany. I absolutely love Brittany and I think there’s a time in everybody’s life when there’s a room for change. Now is the time for change.”

During a game, Lisa named Stassi Schroeder as the number one girl in the group. She also answered “Kristen” when she was asked to name the female cast member who is probably the worst tipper. Kristen fired back. Again. She tweeted, “My entire #pumprules family will agree that I’m not only the BEST tipper but also extremely generous. Lisa, you obviously KNOW how generous. But thanks for the shout out.” Damn.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]