Scheana Marie’s Ex-Boyfriend Rob Valletta Has A New Love, Dissed Vanderpump Rules Cast

Remember when Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie dated Rob Valletta? Of COURSE, you do because she was clearly obsessed in love with him. I mean, she loved Rob even when she married poor Mike Shay (congrats again on dodging a bullet, Shay). Rob was what we like to call, “the one who got away”.

Rob was the perfect guy for Scheana. He had a great house in Los Angeles, a vacation house in Big Bear, a job, and a famous model sister. He could also, say it with me now, HANG A TELEVISION IN SEVEN MINUTES. Scheana timed him, y’all! It doesn’t get much better than that, am I right? Sadly, Scheana and Rob ended their Harlequin Romance due to “tricky schedules”. Or maybe Rob just decided he couldn’t hang with a stage 11 clinger and a bunch of thirtysomething alcoholics with no viable life skills. So whatever happened to Rob? Did he willingly ease back into normal life? Is he suffering from PTSD? If the guy was smart, he voluntarily entered the witness protection program and changed his name.

After a dicey relationship with Hollywood’s most dedicated girlfriend, Rob has since moved on to someone who doesn’t use an iPhone app to track his every move (congrats on dodging a bullet Rob AND Shay). Rob deactivated his cloaking device and resurfaced to exclusively tell Us Weekly he has finally found true love. “It was slow and we kind of started out as friends and then it’s just, that’s it. It’s the real deal,” Rob said of his new paramour. “I can legitimately say I’m in love and I’m happy and it’s fun.”

The new woman in Rob’s life is model, Heather Love Whiting. Heather, you in danger girl… I can only hope Scheana’s bedroom isn’t already covered in photos of Heather with her eyes scratched out. Rob shared, “Dating is very interesting in L.A. and I am happy to be where I’m at with an awesome person,” he explained. “[With Heather] there’s no drama, there’s no anything. It really is just an easy thing … one thing I’ve always had is I always have really good friendships with my girlfriends and we had that same thing, but at the same time, there’s just no drama. It’s just an easy situation and she actually makes my life better by just being in it.”

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Gulp. Well, I’m certainly happy for RobRobRob but I do think this news may drive Scheana to turn a lamp on and off whilst muttering, “I won’t be ignored, Dan!” to her cat. Rob filmed with Scheana during Season 6 of Pump Rules and she was not hesitant to share the details with her fellow castmates. And by that I mean Each. And. Every. Detail.

The “couple” dated for a year until Rob came to his senses they called it quits. Last month Scheana told Us Weekly they had kinda sorta rekindled their relationship until Rob “heard a rumor” about her. “It was a completely convoluted, exaggerated story,” Scheana explained. “And the fact that he just believed this person and cut me off so quickly after wanting to be back in my life, that’s just not someone I need around me.”

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Yikes, bitter much? Rob attempted to set the record straight, “There’s certain things that happened that didn’t work for me and I just said, ‘I need to take some space from this,’” he admitted. “And to be honest, I really like the cast of Vanderpump Rules, I really do like them. But when you get them together, like, it’s a lot. It’s a lot. It’s just a lot and I have to run a company, you know? And, like I said, life’s hard enough as it is and as much as I like them as individuals, being around them is just exhausting.”

Golly, I can’t imagine why? Hanging around a group of past-their-prime wannabe actors who are juggling their emotional outbursts with holistic cures rather than sobriety sounds pretty fun to me. But Rob is coming back to reality television despite the drama he endured with Scheana. And it’s with his new woman.

“It’s different because it’s not based on drama. The drama is based on the situation of building a home,” Rob clarified. “And can we do it? I’m really excited to kind of show everybody Rob in love. You know? I feel like I held back on Vanderpump [Rules]. … I think I held back being emotionally vulnerable in that situation,” he shared.

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Oh, so new girl Heather is now getting exactly what Scheana wanted AND it will be televised? Dun, dun, DUUUUUUUUN! Yes, I’m sure the level-headed Scheana is emotionally mature enough to handle this recent revelation. Not.

“Even though I did tell Scheana I loved her and I said it personally, on set, I held back. And so now I think, for the first time, the world gets to kind of see me not holding back. They get to see me, like, genuinely, giddy smiles, in love Rob. It’s fun,” he explained.

In Scheana’s defense, this has got to sting a bit. But I’m sure she’ll be fine. Well, welcome back to reality television Rob. I don’t know if your show will have the sauce to make it, but good luck anyway. As for Heather, here are some words of advice – watch your back and stay frosty.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]