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Kyle Richards On Her Fight With Lisa Vanderpump & Her Attempts To Reach Out

Even though she ditched filming midway through the season, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 is all about Lisa Vanderpump. She is pretty much always the topic of conversation in all of the scenes that she is not in.

Ever since her epic fight with Kyle Richards at Villa Rosa, LVP seems to be done with the cast. She had lunch with new Housewife Denise Richards and she invited Erika Jayne to one of her events during the last episode. Other than those moments, she’s primarily filming her kitchen renovation. Alone. Not only did that fight damage Kyle and Lisa’s relationship, but it also put a major target on Kyle’s back from LVP Stans RHOBH viewers.

During a recent interview with Justin Sylvester on Just the Sip. According to an article from HollywoodLifeKyle reflected on that awful argument. Even though that argument was the last conversation the Housewives had, Kyle shared that she has tried to talk to LVP several times since. Kyle told Justin, “Her birthday was like two or three days later. So, I sent her a text saying, ‘I’m sorry that all this happened and I hope you have a beautiful birthday.'” She got no response.

She also texted her (again) about Camille Grammer’s bridal shower. During the episode, Camille revealed that Lisa told her she wasn’t invited. However, Kyle insisted that wasn’t the case and her iMessages were labeled as “delivered,” i.e. her number was not blocked.

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Lisa didn’t reply to that text either. Shocking, right? Kyle said, “But both of them were delivered, because it said delivered. Now, I have been blocked and it doesn’t say delivered, because I reached out to her again recently to congratulate her on the opening of Vanderpump Lounge in Las Vegas. That one didn’t say delivered so now I know that I have since been blocked. Before she was just saying I was blocked but I actually wasn’t.”

Discussing the infamous fight, Kyle shared, “[Lisa] said in an interview recently that I ‘humiliated’ her.”

She continued, “Lisa is a very prideful person and my intention was not to humiliate her. I think she felt humiliated, but my intention was to be honest and tell her what happened on camera, so that she wasn’t shocked in six months when she saw the show.”

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Reflecting on the episode, Kyle confessed, “I want to say one more thing so I can maybe turn this around.”

The RHOBH OG insisted, “I never wanted it to get like this. I never imagined it would get like this.” Yet, here we are. They are talking about each other in interviews and on social media, but not talking to each other. Will that change any time soon? We shall see. When is that Season 9 reunion taping?


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