Brandi Glanville Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Tonight’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills brings something I have been dreading for YEARS – the return of Brandi Glanville. I’ve really been liking Denise Richards this season, but man… Brandi is one difficult-to-swallow cheap wine!

With Lisa Vanderpump out of the picture the women all choose to maintain their alliance by turning on someone they consider an interloper: Camille Grammer. Even though all of them went to her wedding, none of them like her and are now pissed that Camille has apparently been speaking negatively about Dorit Kemsley.

Even though Loose-Lipped Lipsa Rinna is the one who told everyone this tidbit, she won’t reveal the details and instead presses Dorit to confront Camille.

Of course, the women are now also claiming Camille was out of line for discussing LVP’s teeth – and after they turned on LVP, they’re enraged that Camille would turn on her too, and repaying the favor by turning on Camille.

All plans are foiled however when Camille’s house catches on fire in the devastating Woolsey Fire that swept through Malibu. Denise also finds herself forced to evacuate, although thankfully her home was spared.

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Denise also manages to start another fire when she meets Brandi for a drink and impetuously invites her to the cast trip to France. Kyle Richards has been combing Air B&B for weeks, selecting the perfect villa… Is Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills really so desperate now that they’re resorting to Brandi, and resting their storylines on Camille’s flippantly shrugging shoulders?

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