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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Says Camille Grammer Displays “Erratic Behavior”

It’s been one long season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Made even longer by Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave’s constant interjection on every discussion that includes and doesn’t include her. She had her hands dirty in puppygate, and meddled in the argument between Kyle Richards and PK Kemsley. Camille Grammer said it best when she dubbed her, “Know-it-all Teddi.” 

Camille threw that nickname in Teddi’s face again when the mean girls ladies all gathered for dinner to celebrate Dorit Kemsley’s soon to be discounted swimwear display at Kitson. Teddi did her usual tit for tat and called Camille two faced for talking about Dorit behind her back. And of course, Teddi has an explanation for her actions. Just don’t hold her accountable for them.

In her Bravo blog, Teddi discussed all things Camille. From her outing with Denise Richards where they gossiped about Camille, and her take on the dinner where Camille took down Dorit.

She first discussed her shopping trip with Denise. Teddi was kind and decided to buy both Denise and Camille a pair of pajamas due to them losing clothing from the fire. But, most of the shopping spree was spent talking smack about Camille. 

Teddi said, “Catching up with Denise and filling her in on France leads to some good advice I could have used—rosé and margaritas don’t mix! We also discuss Camille a little because we both have noticed her erratic behavior all year.”

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What does Teddi mean by erratic behavior? If she considers erratic behavior to mean “people talking about other people behind their backs,” then she and Denise were displaying erratic behavior too! #Notaccountable 

Teddi then discussed the dinner scene where the group ambushed confronted Camille. And she brings up the know-it-all nickname. Funny how out of all the insults that have been hurled at Teddi, that is the one gets at her the most. Probably because she knows it’s true.

She stated, “At dinner following the event, Camille assures us she wants to clear the air. She and I have another moment where she’s able to call me a know it all. But since seeing the episodes prior I know Camille thinks I “snubbed” her daughter, and this was the perfect opportunity for her to bring that up. But she didn’t. I wonder why?”

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I have a guess. Dorit is the bigger and more interesting fish to fry. As her former friend Lisa Vanderpump said, “You’re not important enough to hate, sit down!”

Teddi continued, “When I tell Dorit to stop talking, it’s because I realize Camille is just saying things to hurt and embarrass her. Camille isn’t coming from a place of genuine worry or friendship, so Dorit shouldn’t engage any further.”

OK, I agree with Teddi that Camille isn’t really worried about Dorit’s feelings. If you really wanted to “protect” someone as Camille was saying, you wouldn’t be airing their dirty laundry on TV. But, because we all know Dorit is a fraud, I loved every minute of it. 

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Teddi added, “It’s also confusing to me why Dorit and PK’s finances even matter to Camille. In what friendship do you sit around and talk about how much money each other has in the bank? Unless that person wants to bring it up, it’s just rude. I also don’t think Camille would appreciate any of us bringing up David’s [C. Meyer] finances or how she got hers at a dinner table.”

Well, Teddi just threw down with that statement! Interesting how she didn’t say the same about Erika Jayne and how she got hers. Obviously, marrying rich is the easiest way to get money. Or, ahem, being born into it. 

Teddi concluded, “Next week it’s the season finale! And it seems someone comes in with an agenda.” Looks like another “the group” vs. Camille situation. I’m just glad this long season will finally be wrapped up. 

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