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Did Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Snub Camille Grammer’s Daughter Mason? Teddi Responds

Well, here we go. In the final episodes leading up to the end of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 9th season, the drama continues. Thankfully it does not involve any four-legged creatures. Now that Lisa Vanderpump has been removed from our screens, the ladies cannot continue to shove #puppygate down our throats. Thankfully we still have Camille Grammer. Camille seems to have no fear and is perfect for reality television. That means she gives no f*cks.

Camille and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave have had a bit of a tumultuous relationship. They can never seem to wind up on the same page, despite continued efforts to socialize. Teddi even attended Camille’s wedding to David C. Meyer in Hawaii. It was on that fateful trip that Teddi once again gave Camille a reason to bare her fangs. At the airport, Camille’s daughter Mason Grammer said hello to always accountable Teddi. Then Teddi ALLEGEDLY ignored Mason’s greeting. No one ignores Camille 007’s daughter. Now, Teddi has responded.

Teddi states she would never, ever, ever be rude to someone’s child. In her Bravo blog she writes, “Seeing Camille and Kimber talk about me regarding “snubbing” Camille’s daughter, Mason, was upsetting. I know I’ve gotten in some hot water speaking in absolutes, but I would absolutely never intentionally be rude or dismissive to anybody’s child.”

Teddi continued, “The moment they are speaking of, we (wives, husbands, etc.) were walking through security and I waved and said hello just like everybody else. If at any point Mason felt slighted then I am sincerely apologetic. I’m sure this will come up later, but am curious why Camille hasn’t mentioned to me, since at this point two weeks have passed.” In all fairness to Teddi, she probably should have ignored Mason at the airport, she is desperate for needs a storyline.

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Teddi continued, “Camille also makes a point to take a jab at my accountability. Seems to be a common theme when people want to bring me and what I do down, but all I can do is laugh it off and point them in the direction of my clients’ testimonials. Besides, I am an accountability coach for health and fitness, not rich people behaving badly.”

Everyone is taking a jab at Teddi’s accountability at this point. Lisa V. took off and now what will they talk about, lawsuits?

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Teddi goes on to say, “I will say I am holding myself accountable to any mistakes I’ve made this season. Part of personal growth is to learn from these flaws; I am doing just that, especially with the reunion taping coming.”

That will be interesting. All of the mistakes you’ve made, or just a couple? Yes, hopefully, everyone has learned their lesson. Pay attention Teddi, this is where idle gossip and going against Camille will take you.

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