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Fans of Below Deck Mediterranean finally learned the fate of Chef Mila KolomeitsevaCaptain Sandy Yawn, rightly so, fired her and put Anastasia Surmava in the galley instead.  This firing was a surprise to no one.  Mila’s reliance on food that was canned, boxed, bagged, sealed, jarred, or persevered was anxiety-inducing.

It also put a huge strain on the interior staff.  Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier and Second Stew Aesha Scott had to serve the food.  They also had to be a buffer between the charter guests and Mila.  On the first charter, they decided not to serve an underwhelming plate of nachos.  Hannah alerted Captain Sandy to that blunder as well as the baking-soda birthday cake.  Finally, there was the confrontation in the galley over boxed pancakes.  Hannah tried to hold a proverbial mirror to Mila and her incompetence but it was unsuccessful.

Hannah spoke to Bravo’s The Daily Dish about Mila’s firing.  She shared her initial reaction was “not one of shock, that’s for sure.  And it was honestly just relief.”  Despite how involved she got in the situation, Hannah denies any wrongdoing.  She said, “People think that I kind of enjoy or I get off on giving someone a rough time. It’s like, I would really prefer if just everyone was good at their job and just the f–k up most of the time. Like, that would be the ideal situation for me.”

Hannah explained why she took it upon herself to speak with Captain Sandy.  Hannah said, “When I see things like that coming out of the galley, I have to say something because if I don’t no one else is going to. Sandy’s upstairs driving the boat, the second and the third stew, it’s not their place, the deck crew wouldn’t know good food if it hit them on the face. So if I don’t say something, no one does.”

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Really Hannah?  Surely the peasants working as deck crew would be able to tell the difference between Mila’s gulag food and fine dining.

Hannah was not optimistic that Mila would turn it around, even after the guests complained and Sandy intervened.  She opined,  “I wouldn’t say I was hopeful, because I kind of think you know what you know. Watching Mila’s food for the first few charters, I didn’t really have a whole heap of hope that it was gonna go from that to Michelin, you know?”

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There’s clearly an art to being a chef.  It’s the innovation to think beyond literal menus and preference sheets.  Hannah places Mila as more of a cook than chef.  She explained, “You may know how to take a customer’s orders, but you don’t know how to be a chief stew.  I think she knew how to cook maybe her grandmother’s spaghetti Bolognese, but she didn’t know how to be a chef on a superyacht.”

So will the Sirocco finally get a quality chef?  Maybe Ben Robinson makes a triumphant comeback?  Will Anastasia settle for cleaning toilets again?

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