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Lance Bass Claims Katie Maloney & Tom Schwartz Are Not Legally Married!

There isn’t much that can shock viewers of Vanderpump Rules. We’ve become jaded by infidelity, heavy partying, and glassy-eyed filming. Fans have watched relationships fail and flourish again. We have also seen some weddings.

We were treated to the charming, wooded ceremony between Tom Schwartz and his captor Katie Maloney. Pump Rules gave us a Northern California spectacle of forest whimsy. As Tom Sandoval cried into a dog, Katie and Tom 2 traded vows and marriage rings. Since then, the two have shared endless good times and recently purchased a house. We must mention the United States’ own version of the royal wedding. Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright held court in Kentucky, as they promised to be in each other’s lives for the next two years forever. Katie served as Brittany’s Matron of Honor, a title given to the bride’s married friend in a wedding party. But hang on folks! We are now finding out Katie might not be a Matron after all. Or a wife.

In some rather hilarious news and a possible out for Tom 2, Lance Bass claims Tom and Katie are not legally married. Lance officiated Jax and Brittany’s wedding, so he’s been spending quality time with the cast. No word on whether he sang Tearin’ Up My Heart after he pronounced the couple husband and wife. Lance discussed his participation in the royal festivities on an episode of Reality Bytes podcast, Hollywood Life has an excerpt. Lance says, “We just found out Tom and Katie are not married. They did not send in their materials right. So, they are not married.” See Tom 2, dreams really do come true!

As for Tom 2 and Katie, the couple is supposedly bewildered. A source confided, “Tom and Katie are confused as to why Lance would say this. Tom is very by the books with everything he does. He is very on it about everything. He and Katie consider themselves happily married and are surprised by this. If he’s not legally married, he’d be as surprised as everyone else as they made sure their paperwork was all there.”

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Has this source ever met ‘ole Tom By The Books Schwartz? The guy who paid boss Lisa Vanderpump in cash because a check he wrote for investing in a business bounced? The same TBTBS who bathed in river water prior to his marriage? Tom who drinks to the point of blacking out and hooking up with random women? But yeah, “by the books”.

During the interview, Lance totally said hinted that this paperwork snafu will be featured next season. “I think that might be a little storyline,” he admits. Of course, it will! Katie needs more to do! There are only so many times we can watch her hate James Kennedy and tell us how much she supports women. Either way, you can make damn sure this was not Katie’s fault. She will thwart any scheme designed to hinder the blissful marriage she has with her dream man. Tom 2 will be cowering in the corner just as adamant to find confirmation that he isn’t legally married to the Kraken does hold the title of Mr. Katie Maloney, despite Lance’s scandalous claims!

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Sounds like the producers cast is SURving up soap opera level drama next time around. Could this be the light at the end of the tunnel for Tom 2? Is Tom 1 happily jumping for joy in the privacy of his bedroom? Is Katie waiting to unleash her rage on the unsuspecting public?


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