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Real Housewives Of New Jersey Reunion Recap: Sister, Sister!

Real Housewives Of New Jerse

Last night was the second installment of The Teresa Show Real Housewives of New Jersey. Before Teresa Giudice can throw Andy Cohen’s cue cards at Jackie Goldschneider, Jackie reminds Teresa that she is on parole. The women shriek back and forth about which one is more obsessed with the other. When Andy is finally able to get in a word, he questions Jackie about the article she wrote about Jennifer Aydin’s kids. Not surprisingly, this causes Jennifer to transform into a banshee who demands THE TRUTH! Jackie tries to defend herself but admits that she should have given Jennifer a head’s up before it was published. A viewer calls the article complimentary and wonders if Jennifer even read it. Jennifer did read it, and she didn’t appreciate the critique of her parenting. That said, had she known it was coming, she wouldn’t have been as angry.

A fan questions why it’s okay for Dolores Catania to speak for Teresa, but it’s not okay when Jackie sticks up for Melissa Gorga. Dolores clarifies that she is just trying to share Teresa’s viewpoint in a quieter different way. Regarding the entire “control your husband” conversation, Teresa changes her tune and asserts that she only meant  Melissa could persuade Joe Gorga to spend more time with Nonno.

Jackie then explains that her parents never went to prison but spent time—separately—on house arrest. Her parents are happily married but live in separate houses. This discussion is a great segue into a highlight reel of all the ladies’ parents. Jackie’s mother didn’t maintain her makeover, Melissa’s mom is a fun drunk, and Margaret Josephs reveals her mother is on the prowl after her plastic surgery. Jennifer admits that her mother was very hard on her growing up and only softened when Jennifer married someone of whom she approved.

Andy inquires how the Turkish community felt about Jennifer being on the show. She shares that people in her culture are very private and never brag about money or possessions. She, however, wears her heart on her sleeve. We’re treated to a montage of Jennifer’s freshman season, including her bathroom count and unique parenting style. With all of the bathrooms, Jennifer has only gone number two in one of them. That was too much information.

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When Margaret calls her style Liberace, Jennifer retorts that she doesn’t want to live amid a bunch of garment racks. Margaret makes a comment about the Taj Mahal on the highway. Then, she backs down to say it’s a lovely home. The topic turns to whether Jennifer was worried if Bill would be bad at sex since they waited until marriage. Jennifer wasn’t worried because she did sneak a peek and engaged in a lot of dry humping. She refuses to answer if she was a virgin before she got married. She even swears the show has been great for her marriage. That’s a first!

Teresa and Melissa state that their parents are best friends but have never crossed the line. Andy is impressed by Teresa’s fun season as well as her willpower when dieting. Teresa admits that her daughters were initially wary about her body-building competition, but they are extremely proud of her. Andy brings up an article stating that Teresa was canoodling with someone in Miami. Teresa counters that she took several photos with touchy-feely fans. She also brushes off being seen sans wedding ring. She reminded Andy that Joe Giudice seldom wore his band.

Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa wishes that husband Joe would be more respectful of women, especially in front of their daughter. Envy isn’t her hobby, it’s a business. Teresa tells Andy that she recently spent $700 at Envy and then spent $500 more when she went to return a portion of her first stash. All of the women are appreciative of the discount they receive at Envy. Melissa gets teary chatting about her father. She’s yet to find her mystery sister. Teresa can sympathize with Melissa losing her father at a young age which is why she hopes Joe won’t be deported. His daughters need him.

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Tre then states that while she’s not offended by Melissa’s search for a nonexistent sister, Melissa should probably focus on being nicer to her sister-in-law. Here we go again. Teresa accuses Melissa of being against her. She’s on the wrong side of the sofas. She sided with Jackie against Teresa. Melissa is appalled that Teresa would attack her while she was crying about missing her father. Teresa argues that she isn’t coming at Melissa. She’s simply stating a fact. When Melissa reminds Teresa that she often teams up against her with Dolores, Teresa cites it’s because of decades of history. Melissa chose Jackie over Tre after only knowing her for five minutes.

Andy is unable to reign in these women. When Andy asks Teresa what advice she has for Melissa with her upcoming fortieth birthday, Teresa hisses that Melissa should ask Jackie. She’s ready to go. Melissa is shocked by this change in her demeanor. Is it really that much of a change though? Andy finds Teresa’s reaction to Melissa searching for a sister sweet and wonders why she turned so quickly. Teresa thanks Andy for the compliment. Then, she keeps claiming that her sister-in-law is disloyal. She flip flops between how much she loves Melissa and Melissa’s traitorous position on the couches.

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Andy reminds Teresa that Melissa had no say in the seating chart. He brings out Joe Gorga to get his opinion on the feuding ladies. Obviously, Joe takes issue with his sister trying to control his relationship with their father. He believes that Teresa’s husband was always in his father’s ear about how little time Joe spent with his dad. Andy inquires as to whether he thinks Joe was doing Teresa’s bidding.

Joe Gorga places the blame on his brother-in-law citing that Joe Giudice had more time to spend with Nonno. Joe states that he was busy working hard. Melissa admits that Teresa does a lot for Nonno, but the Gorgas do as well. Teresa throws herself a pity party for how hard she has to work. Her brother urges her to use her vibrator. She’s wound too tightly with Joe in prison.

Real Housewives Of New Jerse

Joe is adamant that Melissa couldn’t control him, despite Teresa’s claims. Margaret interjects that both Gorga siblings have hot tempers. There is no way Joe Giudice could ever control Teresa. Teresa retorts that she would do what her husband wanted if asked nicely (maybe that’s how she ended up in jail?), but the women assert that doesn’t mean he controls her. Jennifer interrupts to say that her husband rescheduled surgeries to be at the reunion. Again, that isn’t control.

Teresa screams that Melissa knew that when Tre said “control” she meant Melissa could persuade Joe to what she wanted. Teresa then yells that Jackie came between her friendship with Melissa. Margaret reminds Teresa that Jackie apologized to Tre for her comments about Joe. Accusations are hurled as Teresa plays the “fatherless nieces” card.

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Andy is relieved when Joe steps in to be the voice of reason. Andy asks Teresa if she merely tolerates Melissa. The women debate as to whether they would be friends if they weren’t related through Joe. Joe begs the women to talk through things. He jokes that they talk as much crap about each other as friends do. A viewer’s theory is revealed. Teresa and Melissa’s tension is sexual. At least that announcement seems to lighten the mood!

The subject turns to how often Teresa and her daughters get to visit and communicate with Joe. She sees him about once a month, but the girls visit him at least twice a month. The backstory of the trial and ensuing prison sentences is revisited, including Teresa’s release and Joe’s incarceration.

Both Teresa and her brother Joe are teary. Teresa finds the experience surreal and expresses her anger at Joe Giudice for causing her to go to jail. He took time away from her that she should have spent with her mom. Teresa shares that her husband is in good spirits but harbors a lot of guilt. Andy asks about Joe’s deportation, but Teresa doesn’t have much information regarding the process of his appeal. When questioned if she would follow Joe to Italy if deported, Teresa admits that she wouldn’t uproot her girls in that event.

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