Life After Lockup Recap: Dope Spoons & Second Honeymoons

Life After Lockup is SO good, and if you aren’t watching it you’re missing out. These people deliver in a big way. The greatest love triangle of all time is still going strong. Michael Simmons, Sarah Simmons, and Megan J are a hot mess, but perfect to watch. Andrea Edwards and Lamar Jackson have been a little boring, but I’m hoping that changes. The most normal are Brittany Santiago and Marcelino Santiago, but even their marriage is rocky.

Tracie Wagaman is FINALLY free from parole, and ready to hit Vegas with Clint Brady. His secret woman on the side might jeopardize everything though. Also, Scott Davey is somehow giving Lizzie Kommes another chance, and we’re shaking our heads. I wonder which of these couples will make it through the season still together. Any of them?

Andrea & Lamar

Life After Lockup Recap: Dope Spoons & Second Honeymoons

Andrea is not looking forward to interacting with Lamar’s friends and family. The moment she arrives, everyone is high and the house reeks of marijuana.

This situation isn’t Andrea’s scene at all. She storms out of the house because the marijuana use is against her Mormon values. Andrea and Lamar are two very different people, and I don’t think the relationship will last.

He doesn’t seem too invested in it. They come from polar opposite worlds and backgrounds. Andrea thinks she needs a sister wife to do things she doesn’t feel comfortable doing.

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She keeps calling it a weed house which is kind of funny. Her reaction is a little over the top, but overall I get where she’s coming from. Lamar has no desire to fix his lifestyle and really make a life with Andrea and the kids.

She wants Lamar to go to Utah to see her in her element. She’s sick of his lifestyle and really hopes that Utah will change him. From the looks of things, that seems highly unlikely.

Brittany & Marcelino

Life After Lockup Recap: Dope Spoons & Second Honeymoons

Brittany is devastated about her friend Sasha’s prison sentence. Ten years is a long time, and she can’t visit her at all during the sentence.

Brittany suggests naming Sasha as her daughter’s godmother. Marcelino is unsurprisingly against the idea. He didn’t want Brittany around her in the first place, and now this? Not a good move for Brittany’s marriage.

She keeps associating with known felons, and it could cost her everything. Brittany could lose any shot at custody of her son by naming Sasha as her daughter’s godmother.

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I’m glad that she wants to be a loyal friend, but find another way. Marcelino’s mother thinks it’s a horrible idea for Sarah to be the godmother. Everyone in America agrees except for Brittany herself.

He agrees with his mother because Sasha isn’t in a good position to take on the role. If something happens to Marcelino and Brittany, she can’t be there for the child from prison. Not the best choice I suppose.

Marcelino wants to speak to Brittany’s ex himself, and he’s going behind her back to do it. Their marriage is facing a lot of tests, and this is just piling on. If he says the wrong thing, he could jeopardize Brittany’s case for custody.

Clint & Tracie

Life After Lockup Recap: Dope Spoons & Second Honeymoons

Tracie’s only been out of prison for two months, and she’s loving life. She’s so surprised at how great her relationship with Clint is going.

He’s still keeping his secret romance from her, and it’s affecting his mood. He’s being very nasty to Tracie in the car, and she doesn’t understand why. Clint seems determined to have a miserable time.

Tracie is still upbeat and ready to have a great time, until she takes a selfie with Clint. HIS OTHER WOMAN TEXTS HIM WHILE TRACIE IS HOLDING THE PHONE? OH MY GOODNESS. THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

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Clint doesn’t want to discuss it, but Tracie demands to know who he is sexting. Tracie wants to know who the woman is, but he’s running away to avoid answering her.

They fight in the elevator, and when the get in the room it all goes left. She tries to go into the bathroom with his phone, but he starts kicking the door down. This is completely insane. Their celebratory trip has become a total nightmare.

Sarah, Michael, & Megan

Life After Lockup Recap: Dope Spoons & Second Honeymoons

Michael is still standing outside in the snowstorm trying to make it to the birth of his daughter. He decides it’s best to not violate his parole, and he heads to get permission.

I can’t believe he was even considering violating to go to the birth. If he actually stops and thinks about it, it won’t make sense to him either.

Sarah is heading to the hospital to be induced, and she’s nervous to do this alone. Michael wasn’t the greatest guy the first time around, so I don’t know what she was expecting this time. The weirdest thing is that he wants someone to Facetime the actual birth. Alright then.

Michael’s parole officer denies his request to leave for New York for the baby’s birth. He totally flips out and pushes the camera out of his face, and I’m concerned. I’m worried that he’s going to make an irresponsible decision here. His future could go up in smoke with one bad choice.

Sarah is embarrassed to be giving birth alone for the second time because of Michael’s issues. Michael however, is blaming the system for his absence. That’s not exactly how it works buddy. The system didn’t do the crimes that put you in prison to begin with. Let’s clarify THAT.

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Sarah has FINALLY given birth, and Michael chose the name. That’s nice that he actually contributed to something in this journey. She video calls Michael to show him the baby, and he sheds a few tears.

It does suck that he couldn’t be there for his family. Hopefully, he learns from this and fixes his actions going forward.

Michael sends Megan a photo of the new baby, and she doesn’t know how to react. He calls her, and she feels weird that he had a baby with his wife.

Let that sink in. Process that for a moment. Even just saying that should make her realize how crazy this love triangle is. You’re better than this Megan, stop.

She’s worried the new baby will keep him trapped. It’s nice to see that she’s concerned with these children and their family. Oh wait…

Scott & Lizzie

Scott and Lizzie are still on their beach trip, and he makes things awkward by proposing to her again. She questions what this all means, and that sends Scott into a tizzy.

He accuses her of being on something or being embarrassed by him. If that wasn’t crazy enough, he takes the ring and launches it into the ocean. What? Why? The symbolism is powerful, but he’s not a rich enough man to be wasting money like that. Let’s be honest.

Lizzie retrieves the ring because he didn’t throw it very far into the water. Well, at least the jewelry was saved in this fiasco.

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Scott wants to put the past behind them and start over, but so much has happened. Plus, Lizzie’s daughter is going to freak out when she finds out how fast they’re moving again.

Lizzie finds what she believes to be a dope spoon in Scott’s kitchen drawer. She’s accusing him of possibly doing drugs, and that seems a little far fetched.

She is “terrified” that Scott is using, and I don’t understand how she thinks he could be on drugs. Why does Lizzie always try to make Scott the bad guy in this relationship?

Lizzie got tattoos on her arms to avoid using in those arms. That’s actually a really cool idea and seems to be working. Keep up that kind of energy Lizzie, and you’ll be fine.

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