Vicki Gunvalson Says She Will Stay On Real Housewives Of Orange County Until Bravo Fires Her

The Real Housewives of Orange County kicked off its 14th season sans one OG. In the Demotion Heard ‘Round The World, Vicki Gunvalson’s Original Gangsta status has been reduced to simply… Gangsta. Viewers never thought it would happen, and Vicki didn’t either. Fans said buh-bye to Vick and friends turned on her when she stayed with lying, scamming ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers. But nothing seemed to dim the light of the Woo-Hoo wannabe. In fact, if you were to ask Vicki, she might tell you how the success of RHOC can be credited to her role on the show.

But is Vicki still successful? After years of the same fights with Tamra Judge, we watched. After an endless search for someone to fill her love tank, we watched. And after plastic surgery even the CIA doesn’t have access to, we watched. I’m guessing the bigwigs at Bravo were watching too, and maybe not liking what they saw. Vicki needed to pull a rabbit out of a hat, or an engagement out of a retired cop, to secure her continued spot on the show. Steve Lodge came through for Vicki and asked her to be his wife in April of this year. Unfortunately for Vicki, the ring didn’t mean a thing because, no orange. Now Vicki is opening up about being reduced to “Friend”, and she says she isn’t going anywhere.

Vicki wants to assure fans far and wide she will be around for a long time, just like Cher or a roach infestation! She wants us to know she is still very involved with the cast and the drama. Of course, the reduction of her appearance on RHOC will take some getting used to, she wasn’t even featured in the premiere episode of the show. As she tried to navigate how to deal with this change, she consulted Andy Cohen.

According to E! News, the Friend of the Housewives said, “I talked to [Andy Cohen] last night, because I said, ‘What do I say?’ He said, ‘You know what, nobody has ever lasted 14 years on a reality show, be happy and proud of that.’ And I’m still in.” Producer Scott Dunlap advised Vicki, “Unless they kick you off the horse, don’t voluntarily get off the horse.”

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Vicki promises unless Bravo asks her to leave, she’s staying put, “So, I’m still on the horse. I’m still on the pony! I don’t know what my future is, but I’m having fun and they’re my friends.” Vicki has had YEARS of chances to stay relevant. She’s always looking for casseroles having a medical emergency. She makes crazy accusations against people, and then wonders why friendships don’t last.

So the question might be, what is Bravo trying to tell Vicki with handing her a demotion? It’s like a consolation prize. Or is it a gentle way of saying “we don’t want you anymore”?

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Now we are hearing rumors that Vicki and her cohorts, the Tres Amigas are taking their act on the road. But are they really? Both Shannon Beador and Tamra have remained full-time wives, with full-time lives. This move by Bravo showed fans and cast members, no one is too big to go. Tamra feels Vicki’s return is imminent, “She’ll be back next year,” and Shannon reassured Vicki that, “She’ll always be the OG.”

It remains to be seen if Vicki will come back like Housewives of yore. LuAnn de Lesseps didn’t let a “friend of” demotion dampen her shine. NeNe Leakes left her show entirely and when she returned, EVERYTHING revolved around NeNe. The same could happen for Vicki, although now you have to wonder, has Bravo already dropped the hint?

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