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NeNe Leakes Limits Instagram Comments After Fans Say She Looks Like Kim Zolciak

Wigs, weaves, and extensions. Much like an American Express card, you never leave home without it. Such is the case for experienced hair-wearer, NeNe Leakes. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has treated us to a variety of different coiffes over the years. Great hair has almost become the new great bag in the land of accessorizing. Many Housewives have made their hair part of their overall identity. Dorit Kemsley never wears the same hair twice. Erika Jayne has a team dedicated to changing and styling her adhered locks.

Some might argue the person most identified with a collection of fake tresses could be Kim Zolciak-Biermann. Not only does Kim name her wigs, years ago NeNe famously yelled, “Bye, wig!” during an argument with her former friend. After that epic dismissal, Kim’s name became synonymous with the word. Years after making fun of Kim for her long, attached fibers, NeNe has been sporting flowing waves of blonde hair. Now she has a new gig, promoting a company dedicated to keeping your mane in check. But NeNe is finding out, new gigs are great until old clapbacks return to haunt her.

NeNe is not happy, y’all. Then again, when is NeNe happy? According to the RHOA diva, making coin gives her a case of the smiles, so whatever it takes! Unfortunately, NeNe has run into a little snag with her latest venture. It’s hard to detail a list of NeNe’s enemies, because no one likes her but it’s safe to say her hot/cold relationship with Kim sticks out in people’s minds. Needless to say, not liking someone is one thing, but being compared to them is a whole different entity.

In a promotional Instagram post, NeNe shared a photo of herself sporting a full head of curly, blonde hair, styled in a ponytail. She captioned, “OMG you guys…my Wig game has totally changed! Thanks to this new wig company called @colormanewigs that hasn’t even launched yet. …..All your stylist gotta do is put that bad boy on ya. They are launching Labor Day weekend. I’m just glad i got a chance to try them before the crazy rush.” In a separate Instagram post, NeNe added a photo where her long hair cascades past her shoulders.

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Let’s jump straight to her comments, shall we! One follower wrote, “How in the PHUC dies she look like Kim FakeZ….a blonde wig? Yall on some moe ish….Straight tripping.” Oddly enough, NeNe did not appear too thrilled when people started pointing out the obvious. She began wiping out observations claiming she is now copying Kim’s hair. THE SHAME!

Atlanta Black Star was able to capture some of the deleted remarks. “My first thought was Kim!! No nene pick a different style!! Ya!!” Another Instagram onlooker shared, “What in the mr. potato head Nose and kim Zolciak wig is going on here and Hell nah you are not spanish don’t disrespect us like that.” Oh damn, not Mr. Potato Head. That one received a response from NeNe. She replied, “You mad? Cry me a river bitchhhhhhh.” So I’m guessing NeNe doesn’t believe in that whole “rise above” nonsense.

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The moral of this story is, when insulting your mortal enemy, maybe stay away from persecuting their looks. You might wake up one morning, put on your face and hair, and see their reflection in your mirror. Oh Karma, you’re so funny! While NeNe did receive quite a few comments of support for her appearance, it seemed she was only affected by the negative. Such as life for our NeNe.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]