Report: Erika Jayne Will Return As A Full-Time Cast Member On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

It’s Expensive to be Erika Jayne. No, seriously, it really is. Her music bankroller husband Tom Girardi is $6 million in debt. Ah, the downside of community property laws in the state of California. It was all good when Tom was funding her music videos, but I wonder how she feels now that she is bringing in her own consistent paychecks.

At least she has that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills salary to keep the family afloat. Or does she? Real Housewives fans have been speculating all weekend long about the Petty Mess Pretty Mess’s status on the show. Apparently, she removed all mentions of RHOBH from her social media profiles. However, no one ever posted a screenshot of her previous profiles to prove that she ever mentioned the show on her Instagram and Twitter pages in the first place. Nevertheless, fans wondered if she got the boot like Camille Grammer or if she followed in Vicki Gunvalson and Cary Deuber’s footsteps with a demotion. How will she afford that +$40K glam squad budget?! Oh, the horror

Now, Erika Mikey Minden “an insider” negated those reports to someone at Us Weekly. Apparently, she is still a full-time cast member and she has already started filming Season 10 of RHOBH.

That same person shared, “The women are flying to NYC to film all week.” How long until we see a photo of Erika in the Big Apple as some not-so-subtle proof that she didn’t get fired? Let’s all recall how Vicki denied getting fired and/or demoted for months until the news was finally confirmed by the network.

Previously, Erika commented on an Instagram post about the firing rumors with some laughing face emojis. So, at least she’s not going full-on Vicki with emotional denials while the season is in production.

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While Erika’s status has not actually been officially confirmed, Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave were spotted filming Season 10. Oh, yay. We will be treated to a third season of Teddi complaining about being an accountability coach, while simultaneously promoting her own business. Undoubtedly, she will vent to her girl Kyle, while she wears an Agency t-shirt and matching hat.

Denise Richards has confirmed that she has started filming Season 10. Bravo announced that Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton Stracke have joined the cast. Since Sutton is a friend of Lisa Rinna’s, it would make sense to assume that Rinna will be back as well.

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There has been no mention of Dorit Kemsley, but why wouldn’t she be back? She really gets the viewers riled up with that ever-changing face accent and her fishy finances.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]