Jax Taylor Dishes On “Thirsty” New Cast Members Joining Vanderpump Rules

As great as Vanderpump Rules is, even the die-hard have to admit that the show kind of fell flat last season. The cast got to a point where most of them are actually friends. A majority of them are in committed relationships. Essentially, the drama that we could always count on just isn’t there anymore.

However, I have high hopes for Season 8, given all of the cast feuds that have “leaked” to the public. Not only that, but there are actually some new cast members. It’s. About. Time. Jax Taylor dished on the additions to Pump Rules and surprise, surprise, he’s not very open to sharing the spotlight expanding his circle of friends.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Jax admitted, “I’ve only hung out with one of them; the other ones are extremely young, very naive to the whole situation.” If he’s only hung out with one of them, how can he form an opinion? Maybe we have different definitions on the extent of a “hang out”?

The OG cast member declared, “To me, some of them seem a little thirsty.”

However, they’re not all bad. Surprisingly, Jax said, “The one guy that I do really like is Brett. I think he’s an amazing guy. He’s a hard worker, he’s comfortable around all of us. It’s a very tough group to break in to, our group.”

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At the moment, it’s unclear who Brett is exactly. But, based on social media, my guess is that Jax is referring to Brett Caprioni. We will know for sure in due time. A Season 8 trailer has to come out at some time soon, right?

Jax did mention another name as well. Jax told HollywoodLife, “One of the girls that is also, her name is Dayna [Kathan]. She’s really sweet, too.” That is very  interesting since rumors have been swirling that Dayna feuds with Jax and Brittany Cartwright. Did they manage to turn things around? Or were those just false reports?

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Still, Jax warns us not to take his opinions to heart. He emphasized, “Again, I haven’t filmed much with them just because I stick with my core group.” Of course. The only cast members that are welcoming to new people are Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix, and Scheana Marie. Other than that, the rest of them don’t like sharing the screentime. Maybe times have changed? I’m not holding my breath for that one.

Jax also remarked, “Nothing against them at all. They come over to my house for pool parties and stuff, but I just am very private. I don’t like to have anybody around me that I don’t know.” Revisiting my earlier comments, I would consider hosting someone at my home to be “hanging out.”

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Jax concluded, “We have a lot of just…we’re very close and we just don’t like people kind of breaking in to our circle, because we just don’t know what their intentions are. It’s nothing personal against these people, it’s just, we like our group the way it is.”

I can’t blame him for that one. Vanderpump Rules transformed the cast from waitresses and bartenders to mansion-buying reality TV stars. There are a lot of people in West Hollywood who want to get in on all of that.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]