Heather Dubrow Joked That Real Housewives Is Like “Football For Women, But With More Brain Damage”

After last week’s incredibly cringeworthy Real Housewives of Orange County episode, we all need a palate cleanser. Let’s check in with Fancy Pants Heather Dubrow and see what she’s up to. Since leaving RHOC, Heather has kept busy with her enormous house. You might have seen Heather and husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, selling their skincare line on QVC. She also hosts her own podcast called, Heather Dubrow’s World.

All of that along with wrangling her four children is a lot. Now we mustn’t forget that Heather is first and foremost an actress! Why, she’s been on Malibu Country! Sadly, that show ended in 2013. Heather even had a part on Hot In Cleveland! Unfortunately, that show’s final episode aired in 2015. So what else has been keeping the former Housewife busy? If you guessed stand-up comedy, you might be right!

Heather used to take things pretty seriously, but she never failed to joke about herself. That self-deprecating humor came in handy when she began swimming in the uncharted territory known as stand-up comedy. Heather decided to participate in David Spade’s new Comedy Central show, Lights Out. In a segment called, “Build A Comic”, it was time for Heather to see if she could parlay that funny into a new career path.

Fun fact, Stassi Schroeder of Vanderpump Rules has also participated in David’s comic bit. Now it’s Heather’s turn! Entertainment Tonight had an exclusive look at how Heather’s surprise stand-up gig turned out. The concept is, David and one of his amusing friends feed the chosen celebrity jokes while the star is on stage at a comedy show. Apparently, the audience has zero clue the lines aren’t coming directly from the person behind the mic. How fun!

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Before her big debut, Heather said, “I can’t say that stand-up comedy is in my wheelhouse, but I have great respect for comics and I’m smart enough to know that this is not in my lane.” But it’s always good to try something new! Heather did reveal she was incredibly nervous, almost to the point of having a puke party. “I was really excited until about 35 minutes ago, and I’ve become progressively more nauseated as the time is clicking down. This could be a total s**t show, or it could be fabulous.”

But it was all good in the hood because Heather did great, judging by audience reaction. She made fun of herself with,”I know, I look like a woman who used bribery to get my kids into college…” Her looks and marriage certainly were not off-limits. “Everyone wants to know the secret to staying young… marry a plastic surgeon. I married one to get the employee discount!”, she quipped. And no comedy set would be complete without a little Housewives shade, “Do you know how I got onto The Real Housewives?” she asked the crowd. “No, I’m asking… ’cause I was drunk the whole time. Did you watch that?” I think at this point, fans can see why one would have to remain intoxicated to survive on that show. Joke or not.

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Heather closed her set with, “If you don’t know what The Real Housewives is, it’s like football for women,” she adds. “But with more brain damage.” Clearly, this is a wisecrack but it is obviously true. Brain damage may be the only excuse for what we went through last week. I know there aren’t a lot of Heather fans out there, but it is a refreshing change from menopausal make-out sessions for camera time. Thanks, Heather!


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]