Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star Jackie Goldschneider Shares An Update On Her Turbulent Relationship With Teresa Giudice

Are you guys ready for The Teresa Show Real Housewives of New Jersey to come back? The show’s 9th season saw the end of Teresa Giudice’s relationship with inner peace and introduced us to Jackie Goldschneider. You might say Jackie was one of the main roadblocks in Teresa’s journey to enlightenment. That might be because Jackie didn’t take any of Teresa’s crap. For many viewers, it was nice to see someone not intimidated by Teresa and her various scare tactics.

It is safe to say Jackie and Tre did not get along. That said, Melissa Gorga was overjoyed to finally have a cast member who wasn’t afraid of Teresa. But that’s okay, the other newbie Jennifer Aydin found herself firmly lodged in Teresa’s lower intestine. I’ll give it to Jackie though, she riled Teresa up during that last reunion, #arentyouonparole. Despite Teresa’s attempts to show Jackie she is not the one, Jackie remained relatively unphased. Now the writer/lawyer/mom gives an update on her current status with Teresa and if she’s finally seeing her good side.

Spoiler alert, the feud is still on. Sugarcoating is for wussies! Apparently, Teresa is still butthurt over Jackie’s comments about Joe Giudice’s lack of freedom. According to an interview with TooFab, Jackie says reunion drama continues. What? You mean Teresa has a grudge? WELL I NEVER. Jackie said she doesn’t exactly regret her comments to Teresa. “Because I think that’s where I was at the time,” she confessed.

Jackie elaborated, “At the time, Teresa had been very cruel to me, so no matter what was going on in her personal life, I didn’t feel bad for her because she was taking it out on me.” Which is fair. But let’s face it, Jackie’s first mistake was being buddy-buddy with Melissa. When Teresa challenged Melissa’s ability to control Joe Gorga’s mind, Jackie had her own thoughts. “Do you think your husband would be in jail right now if you could control what he did?,” she famously asked Teresa. It was what everyone was thinking, they were just too scared to say it. But Jackie no longer feels that way. Or so she says, “At that time, that’s how I felt, but I wouldn’t say that’s how I feel anymore.” Uh-huh, famous last words.

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Jackie also shared what we might see heading into the premier. “Part two of the story with me and Teresa this season.” She teased some major drama out of the gate. Jackie feels fans will be surprised, which could be interesting because not much shocks us. “I think that some of [the drama] will surprise you, and some of it was carry-over feelings,” Jackie explained. “I think that it was clear the people who I connected to more than others, and I think that maybe some of those others tried to get under my skin sometimes. But you put strong women together, and they clash.” Put strong women together with massive quantities of alcohol, and they clash. There, I fixed it.

I hope everyone is excited for flaming purses, broken stemware, and more. It’s all getting started next week. Stay tuned!

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