Danielle Staub Says Is Still Living With Ex-Husband Marty Caffrey; Says “Marty And I Are In A Very Good Place”

Last season on Real Housewives of New Jersey, viewers watched the bridezilla of Bimini, Danielle Staub, torture everyone with her pre-wedding antics.  Later that season, when Marty Caffrey insulted Margaret Josephs at Jennifer Aydin’s anniversary party, Margaret helped Danielle’s husband take a dip in the pool.

After just two months of marriage, Danielle and Marty split up. So that makes Danielle a divorcee three times over. It was an ugly divorce, with restraining orders and public insults flying back and forth. Later, Danielle even claimed that former friend Margaret is the one who broke up her marriage. How exactly did Margaret do that?

One week after Danielle and Marty’s divorce was finalized in February, Danielle was engaged for the 21st time to Oliver Maier, the Duke of Provence. Fun fact: on the most recent episode of RHONJ, Margaret visited her friend, Gina, who was dating Olivier when Danielle snagged him. And Danielle was also friends with Gina. Stay classy, Danielle. Oliver even took out a restraining order against his ex for threatening the couple.

After a short time, Danielle and Oliver called it quits, but the timeline on exactly when is a bit fuzzy. Danielle is just focusing on her businesses. I don’t know what businesses she is referring to, either. Now comes the news that Danielle and Marty may have moved forward with their lives, but they are still cohabitating.

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Danielle told Bravo’s The Daily Dish, “Marty and I are in a very good place because we’re now protecting one another the way we always should have. We’re not allowing anyone to get in between that. We are divorced and we were robbed of our marriage… I think the best thing I can say is that although we are not married, we are still living in the home together and we get along quite nicely,” Danielle revealed.  She added, “He feels the need to make sure that people understand that I’m not alone.” Why, Marty? Why?

After her divorce from Marty and break-up with Oliver, Danielle decided to focus on work, not love. “I think the latter [option] of that [of Marty and I remaining friends only] because I’m more interested in my new business ventures. No, that’s my boyfriend now: just work and being successful and paving a path that no one can take from me ever again,” Danielle explained. “I like it and Marty’s very supportive of that.”

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Of course, Marty and Danielle shared videos and photos to Instagram of them spending time together. During a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked what Margaret thought about Marty and Danielle hanging out. Her response was epic.

“I think they’re freaks,” Margaret replied. But Margaret was far from done roasting the exes. “Listen, she gets a restraining order against him, accuses him of abuse. They’re married for eight weeks and she trashes his family all over town,” Margaret said. “She gets engaged to some other nutbar.” You’ve got to love the way Margaret calls it like she sees it–always. “And now, they’re like back together? They’re both freaks. They deserve each other,” Margaret added.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]