Scheana Marie Says That Her New Relationship “Feels Like The First Real One I’ve Ever Been In”

I’m just going to say it. Scheana Shay (also known as Scheana Marie) has terrible taste in men. Few Vanderpump Rules viewers can argue that point. Last season, she was “just friends” with Adam Spott, and spent the finale asking Adam to confess that he loved her. Oh, and she gave him a penguin that she adopted for him. Project Penguin failed.

Scheana spent Season 6 of Pump Rules bragging about all of Rob Valletta’s amazing qualities. They split after filming for the show wrapped. Recently, Scheana bought new Vanderpump Rules co-star Max Boyens an Apple watch to celebrate Thanksgiving. Of course she did. Max has some major issues of his own to address.

But there is one ex that Scheana is still in contact with—her ex-husband Mike Shay. Mike, who struggled with substance abuse issues, allegedly drained their joint bank account and disappeared. In November of 2016, Scheana filed for divorce after only two years of marriage.

Now Scheana is in a relationship with Australian rugby player and personal trainer, Brock Davies. In a video clip from Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Scheana stated her philosophy about dating. “I think everyone is different. I say jump in and then you know. What if it doesn’t work out…you’ve not wasted as much time.”


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The couple told Bravo’s The Daily Dish, “We both love what a good person one another is. We make each other feel very loved.” The duo, who began dating last year, is also “collabing on a fun new project.”

Scheana feels like this relationship with Brock is special. “My new relationship honestly feels like the first real one I’ve ever been in. I don’t think I actually was ever truly, fully happy until now,” Scheana shared. “I think I told myself I was happy. I acted like the whole world was sunshine and rainbows, when in reality, it’s not. But, I think you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince and I found a king.” Hear that, all you Vanderpump frogs?


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So, how did Brock capture Scheana’s heart? Scheana remarked, “The thing I love the most about Brock is how he treats me. He always makes me feel loved and respected, and that’s not something I’ve ever had in a relationship before. So, he just makes me happy every day and if I’m sad, he knows how to cheer me up.”

Scheana knows that Brock appreciates her big heart. “Yeah, I have a big heart, but it gets me in trouble. Sometimes, things are hard for me with opening up and being vulnerable, but I’m definitely getting better at that and he brings out the best in me,” the Surver revealed.


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The couple shared their best relationship advice with Bravo’s The Daily Dish by email. “Pick and choose your battles. Some things are not worth fighting over.” Hey–that sounds very mature. Could Brock  really be the one for Scheana?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]