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Brandi Glanville Claims That Lisa Vanderpump Has A Secret “Closet Full Of Fur Coats”

Can anyone remember the days when Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville were actually friends? I have to reach so far back into my memory of days past on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to go there. I do know, however, that the downfall of their relationship was epic! If you’d like to take that stroll down memory lane, we have a thrilling  retrospective of Brandi’s time on RHOBH.

Since both women have been off the show – at least in a full-time capacity – they’ve taken different paths. LVP is adding to her restaurant empire and watching 40-somethings self-destruct on Vanderpump Rules. Meanwhile Brandi has made a career out of being a reality star. She has also “written” some entertaining books and has a successful podcast where she can run her big mouth mostly about LVP. Recently, Brandi spilled some interesting tea about her former bestie turned nemesis.

A couple weeks ago, Brandi interviewed Dax Holt, a former TMZ reporter, on her Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast. It’s actually a fun interview to listen to. They discuss important topics like fame-chasing and maintaining relevancy as a [D-list] celebrity. They also delve into the fact that a lot of celebrities (Housewives included) need to cultivate positive relationships with certain people in media to maintain their preferred public image.

Towards the end of the interview, things took a serious turn when they started talking specifically about the Housewives who have relations with TMZ reporters. (Are we surprised? There are too many storylines across the series that have centered on who sold what story to the media).


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Brandi even admits that she’s made out with several TMZ staffers. There is no shame, (of course) according to Brandi, who said, “99% of the time [I talk to media} on the record.” She then continued in her unfiltered way, saying, “I’m not like ‘oh by the way, Lisa Vanderpump has fur coats’ – even though she does – oh I just leaked a story!” WHAT?

The Unfiltered host continued, saying, “I didn’t leak it, I said it on my podcast…But I’ve been in – she has a closet full of fur coats. I’m not lying – she will deny it.“ Dax asked Brandi about what kinds of fur, and she replied, “like all kinds – I don’t personally wear fur – but she loves dogs.” Dax, keeping on with the important questions, asked, “would she not allow cameras to go into her closet because of that?”


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Brandi replied firmly, “Nope. It’s a secret closet. I saw it at the first house. I haven’t seen it at Villa Rosa – but when we were besties she was like, ‘of course don’t tell anyone.’ And I was like ‘of course.’ But now I’m telling people.“ Brandi continued, saying,  “she showed me [the closet]!”

“But where was it hidden?” Dax asked.  “It was in the hallway, not in her regular closet…there wasn’t like a false wall, it was a door that like we didn’t know what was in there, so you wouldn’t go in,” Brandi shared. So, it’s not necessarily a secret, but Brandi kept spilling the tea, saying LVP, “even wore some of them on Housewives and she would be like ‘oh darling it’s faux.’ And I’m like ‘that’s a bunny on your head!’”


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Dax reacted, saying, “wow that’s pretty crazy to be an animal rights activist and to still be wearing furs.” Hell yes it is!! Finally, Brandi admitted, “[LVP] might have said something mean about me the other day on Watch What Happens Live, so it might be payback. I might be a little vindictive and want revenge, I’m vengeful!” Oh Brandi, we know. We know.


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