Tinsley Mortimer Plans To Invite These 2 Real Housewives Of New York To Her Wedding

While the Real Housewives of New York ladies have embraced Leah McSweeney with open arms, it seems like Tinsley Mortimer is going through the longest new member hazing of all time. Dorinda Medley has been calling her out all season. Ramona Singer made her bring dishes inside after lunch in the Hamptons. None of the veteran Housewives seem to have Tinsley’s back.

With that said, I wouldn’t invite those women to my wedding if I were Tinsley. Then, again, if she does somehow manage to stay on the show after moving to Chicago with Scott Kluth, she would probably film the wedding; i.e. she’d probably be forced to include some people she’s not so fond of.

During last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Tins for some. wedding updates. As expected, the global pandemic put the wedding planning on hold. The Chicago resident said, “We planned on doing something this summer and we just don’t know yet. We want to do something small. So, I think maybe once things start to open up, we’ll be able to figure it out.  But, you know, this time is difficult.”

Andy wondered, “Will you have a big wedding? Will you have a lot of bridesmaids?” Surprisingly, Tinsley wants to keep things pretty low key. She told the host, “You know I did that before. This will be Scott’s first wedding, my second wedding. He wanted it to be small and that’s right up my alley too this year. I’m definitely going to have a big, white dress because you know me, I have to have a big white dress. But, I don’t even care if it’s a big white dress and it’s just the two of us somewhere with the dogs.”


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Considering that Carole Radziwill has been very publicly shading Tinsley since she left the show, it’s pretty clear that Andy intentionally stirred the pot with his next question. He asked, “Will Radzi have a special role in the wedding since she set you two up?” After a long “ummmm,” Tinsley said, “We’ll have to see. We’ll have to see what’s going on with that. Unfortunately, our friendship sort of fell off a little bit after the show and stuff when she wasn’t there. We’ll see who’s invited.”

Any other Housewife would have clapped back about Carole’s never-ending shade, but Tins did what she could to keep it classy.


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Andy continued stirring when he asked, “Anyone you know of the Housewives [that] you absolutely for sure know you will be inviting?” After a long and awkward pause, Tinsley answered, “I would say, I love Leah. I would definitely invite Leah. Scott has seen her on the show and really likes her too. So, I would definitely invite Leah. Leah and I would say Sonja [Morgan]. We will see. It just depends [on] how big the size [of the wedding is].”

For anyone who’s keeping track, that means Dorinda, Ramona, and Luann de Lesseps are not on the first wave of the invite list. And, well, it’s really not surprising that Dorinda is on that list. It’s not a shock at all. Dorinda was rough on Tinsley for having dinner with Scott. Just imagine how she feels about this engagement and subsequent wedding.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/ Bravo]