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Scheana Marie Calls Dayna Kathan “Calculated” & Says She Was A Stassi Schroeder Fan Before She Joined Vanderpump Rules

From the very first episode of Vanderpump Rules this season, I found Dayna Kathan to be suspect. In her very first scene, she tells us that she just starting hooking up with fellow newbie and TomTom manager Max Boyens. How convenient. Then, mid-season, she suddenly starts dating the other newbie Brett Caprioni, who coincidentally happens to be Max’s best friend. And they both happen to have also hooked up with none other than Scheana Marie! It is almost like she is following a “How to Be Relevant on Reality TV” Handbook. Dayna does not seem to have chemistry with either of the guys, and the whole thing makes me skeptical of her motives in general.

Dayna‘s flings with Max and Brett naturally led to a rivalry with Scheana. Hooking up with the newbie best friends was Scheana’s plan for this season! Dating the resident f***boys is Scheana’s role! Dayna definitely stole her storyline. Even though Scheana says everything is good between all of them now, she did not miss the chance to call Dayna out for her calculated moves this season.

According to The Blast, Scheana explained her issues with Dayna on the Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcast.

“So here’s what I thought in the beginning… “, Scheana stated, “and I don’t want Dayna to get upset with me for saying this because we’ve come full-circle but this is also something I’ve said to her, and to defend my actions in the beginning, even though they’re not really defendable… Everyone felt it was a very calculated move of hers.”


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I hate to say it, but I agree with Scheana 100% on this. Dayna knew exactly what she was doing when she made her move with Max. No one just coincidentally happens to hook up with the other new cast member right before filming begins. That is obviously planned to get screen time.

Scheana continued, “It seemed very calculated. So all of us were like, ‘We’re supposed to believe this when you’re the opposite of his physical type, usually…. Yeah, you’re dope. You’re funny. You have a lot going for you.’ But initially, we were like, ‘Max likes under 5’5″ brunettes.’ It seemed not necessarily very real.”


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Ok, so Scheana kind of loses me here. Once again, Scheana wants to seem like she knows ALL about Max because they are such good friends. She is also hinting that Max usually likes girls who look just like Scheana! I don’t think this really proves anything. The timing of it all is what I find suspect, not what color hair or how tall the girls are that Max usually dates.

Scheana also wants everyone to know that before she was a cast member, Dayna was merely a fan. A Stassi Schroeder fan to be specific.


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“She is a fan of the show, specifically a Stassi fan. She hasn’t hid that. Everyone knows it,” Scheana said, adding that her good friend Max told her about Dayna’s supposed admiration of Stassi.

“That’s what Max told me. He was like, ‘I know from dating her for nine days… She’s a Stassi fan,'” Scheana recalled.


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It makes sense that Dayna was a fan. She seems to be doing her best impression of Stassi during the early Vanderpump Rules seasons. But this is the problem with the new cast members. There was something raw and unrehearsed about the mess of a masterpiece that was the early seasons of Vanderpump Rules. The new cast members seem to be doing their best to play the part of a VPR cast member, but it just does not seem authentic to me.

I hope Dayna does not think she can be anything like Stassi in the early seasons. No one should ever try to compare to Season 1 Stassi. For one, Young Stassi’s true awesomeness can never be replicated, and for two, Season 1 Stassi was a complete selfish bitch.


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Scheana maintains that all is good now between Dayna and the girls now that she is no longer dating Max.”She’s pretty close with all of us. I’m close with her. Ariana [Madix], Katie [Maloney], I think Stassi… [but] in the beginning, it felt like this Scheana/Stassi season one vibe with her and I at SUR,” Scheana explained.

There was definitely a Season 1 Scheana/Stassi vibe to Scheana and Dayna‘s interactions at SUR. But in this case, it is like Scheana is playing the role of Stassi, and Dayna is playing Scheana. It is just weird. Dayna seems like she is always trying to “act” or create her own story, rather than just be herself.


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While Scheana has her doubts, she said that Dayna has continued to say that she had true feelings for Max during filming on season eight last summer. “To this day, she still stands by, she was obsessed with him. She was very, very into him. I think they were uncomfortable showing it on camera,” Scheana added.

I am uncomfortable watching it. Dayna seems to have no emotion when speaking to Max, and her staged kiss with Brett at her birthday party was even more fake. At this point, I just don’t believe any of it and I do think Dayna was trying a little too hard this season.  I want to give Dayna a chance, but I think she needs to relax a little and trust that she can be interesting without having to invent a showmance or play a role. This is Vanderpump Rules. All she has to do is sleep with Jax Taylor.


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