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Kristen Doute Says Scheana Marie Carried Vanderpump Rules On Her Back This Season

There are just way too many new people to keep track of on Vanderpump Rules. It makes zero sense that all of these people are considered “main cast members” on one show. Yet, here we are. At least we have Scheana Marie bridging the gap between the longtime cast members and the new people.

And in response to getting screen time from Scheana, Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni constantly talk sh*t about her behind her back, even though it’s really their connections to Scheana that gave them storylines on this show. When it comes to Dayna Kathan, Scheana pretty much did nothing right, from hazing her at SUR to springing that psychic on her. So, it does make sense that Dayna isn’t her biggest fan. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, Scheana did give all of these new people what they wanted, a storyline on this show. And, she gave the viewers endless meme-worthy content, as per usual.

During an appearance on the Mention It All podcast, Kristen Doute dished on the current Vanderpump Rules season. She shared, “I just have so much respect for Scheana.”

Kristen elaborated, “I think she’s taken such a beating on this show.” She sure does. But, all publicity is good publicity, right? At least she’s getting screen time, unlike many (thirsty) people on this show. So, that’s kind of a win, right?

Kristen declared, “I feel like Scheana really carried this show on her f*cking back this season.” Pretty much.


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Kristen explained, “She was the only olive branch between the OG’s and the new cast members.”

She elaborated, “And she’s been through a lot in her love life with her marriage and her divorce. And we have like Rob [Valletta] from whatever season.”

She, “[Scheana] just got really dragged through the mud and she’s just really standing on her own two feet, stronger than ever. I respect and love the hell out of her and she loves me for who I am.” Not to mention that Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney left her hanging out to dry. Could that be a factor in Kristen’s closeness to Scheana?


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