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Lala Kent Says New Vanderpump Rules Cast Is “Not F*cking Needed In Any Way” Except For Dayna Kathan

There were already a ton of people on Vanderpump Rules before this season. Plus, anytime someone gets into a new relationship, that brings in another new cast member, which has doubled the original cast.

For some reason, production decided to bring in a million new cast members for Season 8. Season 7 was a bit stale, I’m not gonna lie, but we don’t need to “meet” this many people and keep track of their lives. The viewers already have enough on their hands. Or at least Lala Kent thinks so.

In today’s episode of the Give Them Lala… with Randall podcast, Randall Emmett asked Lala for her take on the current season. She came out swinging right away.

Lala confessed, “Every time I see the OG’s on TV, I get excited because we’re not as present as we used to be with all these new faces.” Lala, you are not an OG, but I’m listening.


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Lala continued, “I’m gonna be honest. I’m gonna be brutally honest. The newbies could be better.” She’s not wrong. Other than Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni talking shit about Scheana Marie, what do we have? Oh, right, there’s Danica Dow and Charli Burnett nodding their heads in agreement every time Scheana says anything. Very compelling content.

In response to Lala’s critique, Randall said, “Oh, wow.  I mean, that’s brutal.” And Lala owned that, commenting, “It’s pretty brutal.” Again, Lala isn’t the only one who feels this way about the new cast.


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Randall is clearly the “good cop” in this podcast/ their relationship in general. He asked Lala, “You just assassinated how many newbies?” She told him, “I can’t even count how many.”

Randall continued, “You just hit everybody? All of them?” Lala told her man, “Yeah, I go straight for the jugular.”


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And you can just tell Randall was trying so hard to put something positive in this conversation. Randall remarked, “I mean, come on. There’s got to be somebody new that you like.” And that’s when Lala said, “I think Dayna [Kathan] is super interesting.” Once again, Lala seems to understand how people feel. Both the cast and the viewers seem to favor Dayna over all of the new additions.

Lala declared, “I think she’s so much fun to watch.” She elaborated, “I’ve always said Dayna’s like an open book. I think she’s quick with the tongue. She fights back. But, the rest of them…”


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“The rest of them you just put out to pasture?” Randall asked. And that’s when Lala spoke for pretty much every Vanderpump Rules viewer: “Yeah. I don’t think they’re fucking needed in any way. I’m probably gonna get in a lot of trouble for saying that.”

Probably not. There are too many cast members to keep track of, with all of the the racists tweets and homophobic remarks, I think Lala’s comments are pretty harmless in comparison.


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