Faith Stowers Wishes Lisa Vanderpump Addressed Her Personally In Statement About Vanderpump Rules Firings

This week, Bravo fired Vanderpump Rules stars Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Max Boyens, and Brett Caprioni for they’re racially insensitive remarks and behavior. Stassi and Kristen called the cops on Faith Stowers in 2018. They accused her of drugging men and theft. Stassi also complained about the black community’s desire to be represented in media. (Yes, you actually read that correctly). Stassi also described herself as “Nazi chic.”

Brett and Max came under fire in January when old tweets resurfaced with each of them using the “N” word in addition to other racially charged comments. Andy Cohen said that he supports Bravo’s decision to fire the four cast members. Lisa Vanderpump said the same and claimed that she wasn’t aware of these incidents, which have been reported throughout the years.

Faith dished on Lisa’s statement during an interview with TMZ. She was asked if Bravo ever reached out to her. Unsurprisingly, she said, “No, no actually. I would have liked that too because it would have shown that I didn’t sound crazy.”

Faith added, “But, ultimately, they’ve showed they cared. I mean, they let them go. That’s a really big deal. Those are two people in that cast that are very, very popular. So, for me, that says a lot about them because they were benefitting from these two women.” But, here’s the question, did the network make this decision to genuinely do the right thing? Or was it just a response to the backlash? Most likely, it was a bit of both.


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Faith explained, “They were willing to let them go because of what was done, standing up for social injustice. So, I think that was really cool. But, they did not reach out personally at all. Nobody from production or Bravo.”

She went on to address Lisa’s statement specifically. Faith said, “I’m glad Lisa decided to speak out. I think that was very, very, commendable of her to do that. I respect her for that. She did say that every action should have a consequence, so that just lets me know that she agrees with, you know, the process that they chose, that Bravo and Vanderpump [Rules] went with and [she] believes that I was done wrong. And I appreciate that.”


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This is a far cry from Lisa dismissing Brett and Max’s tweets at the reunion as a mistake she could look past….

However, Faith was hoping for some personal acknowledgment in that statement. Faith said, “She didn’t have to say my name. I know that was expected and that would have been great to have it personally for me since I was really, really, emotionally attacked by this, but it didn’t happen. But, the fact that she spoke up means a lot.”

This is a FAR depature from Faith’s very recent dig at LVP. She said if “George Floyd been a dog, Lisa would have marched like she did for Vanderpump Dogs.”


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[Photo Credit: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images]

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