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Kristen Doute, Stassi Schroeder, And Katie Maloney’s Wine Line Witches Of WeHo Has Been Canceled

Another day, another cancellation for Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute! First, fans found out that Stassi and Kristen were fired from Vanderpump Rules for racist actions towards former Pump Rules star, Faith Stowers. Following that announcement, pretty much any brand affiliated with the twosome had cut ties. 

Stassi was dropped by her PR team, and then her podcast was removed from all platforms. I’m guessing her book, Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook, has hit the bargain shelf with fifty percent off stickers slapped onto it. And Kristen’s book, He’s Making You Crazy, is probably right along side it. So, what’s next to end up on the bargain shelf? Well, there is yet another venture of theirs that recently got cancelled as well. 

It seems like it was only a few weeks ago that Stassi went off on Kristen and Katie Maloney at their Witches of WeHo wine event and shouted she was “Dunzo!” Stassi huffed that she only wanted to be in business by herself from now on and she was not interested in promoting their wine any longer. 

Be careful what you wish for! Us Weekly reported that Stassi, Kristen, and Katie’s wines are no more. The company that manufactured their wine, Nocking Point, “will no longer be producing or selling the drinks.” 


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A rep for the company stated, “The term of our agreement with the ladies expired months ago and we have taken any remaining inventory down from the website.” This inventory included a pinot grigio, Basic Witch Potion No. 1, and Potion No. 2 Basic Witch Rosé. Maybe its just me, but anything labeled “basic” doesn’t sound like it tastes very good.

To further drive the point home, the rep had said the wine was “sold out and removed from our main shop for many months. It’s long gone and we won’t be making or selling more.” I doubt anyone will be missing these wines very much. Although, now there is room for Scheana Marie to take their place and start selling Scheana’s Sangria. 


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Nocking Point also released a statement regarding their support for Black Lives Matter. They wrote, “In solidarity with the Black community, Nocking Point stands squarely against the systemic oppression that continues to claim innocent lives. We believe in the true spirit of this nation that champions diversity, equality and justice for every living individual.” 

So far, Katie has come out unscathed in this matter, but this cancellation will definitely hit her pocketbook. At least she and Tom Schwartz still have an investment into TomTom, and their spots on VPR. As for Kristen and Stassi, we’ll see what other cancellations are coming up for them next.


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