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Vanderpump Rules Fans Upset Stassi Schroeder Suggested Lala Kent Is Bipolar

After what seemed like only moments since getting fired from Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder has again set viewers ablaze with discontent after watching part 2 of the season 8 reunion. Andy Cohen called out Lala Kent for disparaging remarks about Scheana Marie during an episode of the aftershow. Lala said, “It isn’t interesting to watch a 34-year-old woman in a crop top and slutty Jojo Siwa pony doing the same thing over and over again.” Amidst tears, Scheana explained how hurt she was.

As Lala then burst into tears while trying to explain herself, Stassi and fiancé Beau Clarks camera switched to full screen. She subtly whispered, “Lala might be bipolar.” None of the other castmates noticed. However, the viewers at home sure did! And they took to social media to call out Stassi for casually tossing around mental health diagnoses.

Recognizing how flippant Stassi’s comment was, one viewer took to Twitter and wrote: “Hey @stassi calling Lala bipolar isn’t cool. Bipolar disorder is a real disorder that many people, including myself, struggle with. To throw out an accusation so casually diminishes the disorder and it isn’t cool. Reflect on that along with your ignorant beliefs.”

Another fan referenced Stassi’s 2018 incident involving Faith Stowers that recently resurfacedThis viewer said: “@stassi you can see yourself out with that ‘bipolar’ comment about Lala. Generalizations about mental illness are completely unacceptable, as re ones about race. Unreal.”


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Having zero tolerance for armchair psychiatry, another viewer said: “I guess Stassi made a flippant remark about Lala being bipolar when they were talking about her attacking people & I’m just… tired. Sick of these people throwing serious diagnoses around to explain shitty behavior. I’m bipolar, I don’t scream at people for no reason.”

A plethora of fans have called for other cast members to be fired. Or for the show to be canceled, with another viewer writing: “I’m sorry, who is Lala from Utah to be talking about other women’s sexuality and character?! And also @stassi with that bipolar comment?! Jesus just cancel this show please.”


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“Hey LaLa, Stassi just called you bipolar and she won’t have a reunion next year to apologize,” another fan of the show wrote.

Lala and Randall Emmett’s initial wedding date has come and gone. They postponed due to the pandemic. Another viewer brought up how tasteless Stassi’s comment was given she was supposed to be in the wedding party: “I love how Stassi called Lala bipolar when she was supposed to be in her canceled wedding. Friends, am I right?!”


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“At least Stassi whispering to Beau that Lala might be bipolar is consistent with her brand. Joking about falsely calling 911 on someone AND mental health… hilarious,” another viewer tweeted. And this brings up another point — this isn’t the first time Stassi has flippantly diagnosed her castmates.

Back in Season 5 and during the early days of Stassi’s podcast Straight Up With Stassi, Stassi and Jax Taylor met at a bar so she could record an interview with the self-proclaimed reformed bad boyfriend. After taking a sociopath test (SPOILER ALERT: He was declared a sociopath with flying colors!) Stassi went on to suggest that Jax shouldn’t feel bad about being a sociopath.


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Daily Mail reported that Stassi remarked, “I mean, Tom Sandoval is probably a narcissist, Kristen [Doute] meets most of the criteria for borderline personality disorder, Ariana [Madix] has a superiority complex, Katie [Maloney] has anger management issues, Scheana’s a hypochondriac and I’m an alcoholic- so, he’s in good company.”

Neither Stassi nor Lala have commented on the remark, which aired only hours after the firings.


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