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Faith Stowers Insists That Brittany Cartwright Made Racist Remarks About Her Appearance Despite Brittany’s Denial

If you’ve been living under a rock you may have missed that Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute have been fired from Vanderpump Rules due to their racist behavior towards former cast member Faith Stowers. Stassi and Kristen have since hired a team to combat the damage. They’re very concerned over their already lackluster public images. A business so pristine they also represent the ever-classy Brandi Glanville and Phaedra Parks! After watching reportedly pregnant Stassi rely on her 15-year old brother to defend her, it’s no surprise that remaining garbage cast Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are trying to claim innocence in this mess. They would never bother apologizing and making nice with Faith the way Kristen has. Hell, even mostly uninvolved Lala Kenhas made amends with Faith.

There is already a cry coming from viewers asking that Jax be fired. His womanizing, problematic homophobic past (which has ironicaly been called out by Stassi), and now claims that he has been blatantly racist toward90-Day Fiance star Jay Smith aren’t boding well for our old pal Jason Cauchi. But what about his Kentucky fried bride? Well, she’s still claiming she had nothing to do with Faith’s mistreatment by the VPR cast. Interesting. Since Faith seems to be saying the exact opposite. And we know this woman carries a full purse of receipts.

People  reported Faith’s side of the story where she describes her speaker phone call with Scheana Marie and Brittany in the background. Faith reported that she “couldn’t talk to [Brittany] through production.” Instead, Faith approached her through the speaker phone, “So I’m like ‘Brittany, hey girl! I’m trying to apologize to you. Can we please talk?’ But she… was still in that bad space so she’s like cussing and yelling, and calling me names and stuff.”

Timeout. Am I the only one who doesn’t think Faith owes Brittany any form of apology? Like sorry we were never friends and I slept with your man after he told me he was single? Really, what does Faith owe Brittany besides maybe like some female to female advice on how to drop Jax? Which really is a lost cause.


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But, Faith persisted saying “I’m still trying to stay calm and communicate with her because this is still important for me to hear what she has to say. So I’m trying to talk to her and I can still see that she’s upset. And while she’s yelling, that’s when I heard [Brittany] say, ‘You a nappy-headed ho!’ ” And there we have it. Not only is this comment using Faith’s race and/or appearance as an insult, but it’s slut-shaming. Slut shaming from a woman who proudly announces relying on her titties for money back in the days of Hooters. Listen I’m here for that. Who doesn’t love wings or boobies? But, don’t turn around and tell another person what to do with their body. Mk? You’re married to the biggest slut-sack of all, hypocrite.

Faith claims Brittany was in a “fragile state” but said it still “does not excuse her from making a comment about my hair, that I love and I would never change because that’s part of my heritage.” YES GIRL. She continued, “She used that as an insult, which I just didn’t understand why she used that as an insult to me.” I know it’s not an excuse but I know why she did. Because she’s stupid, ignorant, and out of any tangible idea to stay mad at someone who did nothing to her.


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The interview ended with Faith dropping an iconic housewives-sounding line, “You can call me a ho, but don’t call me a nappy-headed ho.” Please get this woman back on my screen, where she should have been this entire time.


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