NeNe Leakes Not Involved In Reported Discrimination Lawsuit Against Bravo

It’s that time of year again! The sun sets earlier, kids are back in school, and NeNe Leakes has yet to begin filming Real Housewives of Atlanta. Oh woe is NeNe, what could it be this time? Contract negotiations? Nobody likes her? Discrimination lawsuit? NeNe historically likes to make sure everyone knows she is the head number one OG and no one compares, or will ever compare to her legacy. Too bad she treats people so poorly they hate filming with her and doesn’t limit her lack of people-skills to the cast.

Production began filming Season 12 sans NeNe. She wasn’t in the first few episodes and I’m not entirely sure she was missed by too many. It was nice not to be inundated with NeNe’s perpetual sour attitude and disdain towards her fellow castmates. But, she did come back and went on an apology tour, in hopes that someone will agree to shoot scenes with her once again. Now, right on schedule, the rumor mill is humming about NeNe’s peach. Will she return to RHOA? Is she involved with a discrimination case against Bravo? Is there anything NeNe won’t do to remain relevant?

Here we go, folks. Very little would surprise viewers about NeNe these days. Once you have said your husband got cancer because he cheated, there isn’t much lower you can go. But this is NeNe and she is rarely without controversy. Mama Joyce’s streets are saying there is a possible discrimination suit hovering over the Bravo universe.

Thanks to former co-stars with loose lips, NeNe’s name has been mentioned in connection with this suit. Now sources are saying NeNe has nothing to do with this rumored case. Because if you want a big paycheck, it’s probably a good idea not to sue the boss.


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According to TMZ, a source close to NeNe says she is “in no way” trying to file a suit or intends any kind of legal action against Bravo. Nor is NeNe “teaming up” with other women of color on the network who might be considering filing a complaint. Why would NeNe’s name get dropped on such a thing?

NeNe has often alluded to mistreatment during her tenure on the show. You know, when she was putting her hands on production. Or fat-shaming Porsha Williams after having a baby. Or making Gregg Leakes’ cancer journey all about her. These are all examples of the horrible bullying tactics NeNe has endured. Allow me to remind you she has also compared her plight to that of George Floyd, whose death at the hand of police officers pushed the Black Lives Matter movement directly to the front of 2020.


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As we weep for NeNe, the victim, apparently she is “focused on herself and her own career right now”. Still, trying to finish salary negotiations with Bravo and working on what I’m sure will be an incredibly popular show, Glamsquad Showdown on E!. Because who knows more about fashion than NeNe Leakes? Literally everyone… She is also reportedly seeking a larger role in the NBCUniversal neighborhood and those discussions take a while, so it makes sense she would not be involved with suing an NBC-owned company.

Still, NeNe has run her mouth on YouTube saying she felt some of the show-runners and execs were treating her differently. However, the lack of accountability for her own actions and inability to show remorse for treating everyone like absolute trash could finally be wearing thin.


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So what do you think, is Bravo hedging on giving NeNe her full-time slot back? Or is this just another one of NeNe’s stunt queen moves to keep fans interested? Whatever it might be, it most assuredly is not NeNe’s fault.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]