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Porsha Williams Calls Out Kelly Dodd For Wearing “Drunk Wives Matter” Hat

It seems like a lot of people are saying good morning to everyone but Kelly Dodd. The Real Housewives of Orange County might have lost both Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge, but Kelly is sticking around to be the fly in everyone’s ointment. Flies are trending today, you know! I’m not sure if Kelly is completely tone deaf or just really great at trolling, but she definitely knows how to keep her name in the media.

Not everyone finds Kelly’s shenanigans humorous. Right now our political climate is touchy, people are exhausted and sensitive. Things we might have once found funny are now seen as careless or tone deaf. Much of what Kelly says could be labeled as ignorant, but if you’re looking at Kelly to be a reliable source of anything, you’re on the wrong road. Recently, Kelly posted a photo of herself wearing a Drunk Wives Matter hat, which mocks the Black Lives Matter movement. She has been receiving a lot of flak, with viewers calling for an RHOC boycott. Now Real Housewives of Atlanta star and activist, Porsha Williams can add herself to the list of people saying good morning to everyone but Kelly.

I love a good Housewife evolution. Porsha is the epitome of a good Housewife evolution. She has grown from being a married woman with strict rules and a jerk husband, to wading in the shallow lakes of Thotlandia. She matured and had a baby girl, while dealing with more relationship issues. Now Porsha might have found her calling, as she is following in the footsteps of her grandfather and becoming a voice for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Porsha has not been shy about supporting BLM. She joined many celebrities and regular folks on the streets to protest the death of George Floyd. Kelly is also not shy about sharing her opinion. According to Kelly, Coronavirus is God’s way of thinning the heard. One could also say some of Kelly’s comments are thoughtless racially insensitive, despite her claim of personally experiencing racism.


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Well, Kelly did it again and Porsha decided to call her out. At her bridal shower, the soon-to-be-married Kelly received a hat as a gift. The hat was supposed to be an attempt at having a laugh but it mostly backfired. Many fans are even pushing for a full boycott of the upcoming RHOC season. Porsha also had something to say about Kelly’s pursuit of a gag.

In her Instagram story, Porsha posted a pic of Kel in her Drunk Wives Matter hat. Irealhousewives shared the snap. Porsha wrote, “Oh really @kellydodd Drunk Wives Matter?” In Kelly’s defense, she is no stranger to an alcoholic beverage. But so many people felt Kelly’s post was insensitive, including Porsha. I can’t hate on Porsha for putting Kelly on blast. Porsha is RENEWED. Porsha is no longer just that bitch. She’s also that other bitch, the bitch in front of you, and the bitch that wishes another bitch would.


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I kind of hope Kelly has a response for Porsha, but if she’s smart she will let this die down. This could be the fight none of us knew we needed. Or this could all be part of Kelly’s plan to stay up front in the media and protect her orange. Do people need to “get over it” and stop being offended at every little thing? Should Kelly start reading the room and stop being so nonchalant with whatever word salad comes out of her mouth? Bravo has had itchy fingers with firing people in 2020, if Kelly isn’t careful, she might wind up Gunvalson’d.


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