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Erika Jayne’s Husband Tom Girardi Sued Again; Owes $550k To Court Reporting Company

Tom Girardi, future ex-husband of Erika Jayne, pretty much owes everyone money. At this point, I would ask anyone looking for payment on an outstanding loan to see if you can trace it back to Big Tommy. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is famous for wealthy lifestyles, bullying people off television, and hiding what’s really going on in their bank accounts. While stars like Kyle Richards plead for others to be “open and honest” or Lisa Rinna tells people to “own it”, viewers have learned their pointing fingers rarely turn on themselves.

Now it’s Erika’s turn. Erika and Tom are in a steaming hot pile of trouble. The couple are accused of fraud and embezzlement, but they haven’t just scammed money from businesses or corporations. Instead, money owed to actual victims of tragedies somehow found it’s way into Erika’s pat the puss fund. ALLEGEDLY. Tom has also been at the center of multiple creditors looking for their payments. From office equipment to security, Tom hasn’t been cooking the books – he lit them on fire. Now we can add one more collector looking to get paid.

Everyone just loves a crossover. Thanks to Erika and Big Tommy, attention that would usually remain focused in the reality television community jumped over into mainstream media. Remember the old saying, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”? Well, Erika and Tom pulled a “hold my beer”. Tom’s legal troubles are basically front page news at this point. It’s a sad tale of a once revered high-powered attorney who focused his talents on helping people genuinely in need, to a dude who took money from deserving victims so his wife could play pretend on Bravo. ALLEGEDLY.

On Tuesdays we wear lawsuits! Yep, another company is crawling out of the woodwork to try and get blood from a turnip. According to Us Weekly, Tom hasn’t paid his court reporters either. SHOCKING. Big Tommy apparently racked up an unpaid bill of $550k from the court reporting company, Veritext. Has Tom paid anyone on time in the last five years? Court documents show Tom can add $548,941.28 in unpaid invoices to his long list of debts.


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Tom also owes Wells Fargo Finance $882k because he stopped paying the rental fees on office equipment. Not to be left out is Tom’s former partner at Girardi Keese who wants $506,876. A client of Tom’s claims he still owes her $246,394.55 from a settlement after he raised his attorney fees without her knowledge. And let’s not forget the victims of the Lion Air plane crash who are still trying to get their money. After 189 people died, Tom won a case for the families that decided each would receive around $1.2 million. Oh my god, silly me, I almost forgot to include the $11 million victims of a blast in California were supposed to be given after a neighborhood was obliterated by a gas pipeline explosion.

Erika has tried to get rid of some of her old clothes online for extra cash. And I doubt the not-so pretty mess will get that alimony she wants after filing for divorce from her husband of 20 years. Erika has been busy posting shots of herself in lingerie on social media and acting above it all. Fans aren’t impressed with her performance thus far and some are even calling for Bravo to let her go. But Bravo loves a criminal scandal, so the only place Erika is liable to go is jail Encino.


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