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Erika Jayne Requests Spousal Support Amid Divorce From Tom Girardi

Because, of course she did. Erika Jayne is no fool. She’s an enigma, wrapped in a riddle and Cartier panther rings. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills diva made the expected terribly sad announcement that her 20+ year arrangement marriage to Tom Girardi is dunzo. The term “relationship goals” took a nosedive when the news was released, if these two crazy kids couldn’t make it – how can mere mortals find their fairy tale romance?

The demise of such a union not only puts a damper on the “happily ever after” theory, it also raises some questions. Big Daddy is a famous and highly regarded attorney who has been suffering from fraud numerous charges of creative accounting. At this point, even PK Kemsley is looking at Tom with a heavy side-eye. But still, 20 years is a lifetime in marriage years and Tom has provided a nice existence for Erika. It looks like Tom’s providing isn’t quite done yet. Erika has requested privacy during these trying times, now we find out she has also requested spousal support.

What does spousal support even look like to someone who has bragged it costs $40,000 per month to leave the house? Will Erika have to get a less EXPEN$$!V3 face? Does this mean Tom will officially never read Erika’s book? It’s sad when any marriage ends, but this particular collapse is causing some head scratching. Tommy has been facing some legal accusations recently and many are wondering if his bank balance is about to lose some weight. Because why, after 20 years, would you divorce an 81-year-old man?

Looks like Erika is trying to get in front of any future financial burdens by requesting alimony. According to Page Six, per Los Angeles Superior Court documents, Erika is seeking support in her divorce. Erika also asked the court to deny Tommy’s ability to seek financial compensation from her bag. In addition, Erika wants her attorney’s fees paid as well.


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After serving Tom at Chasen’s, Erika began serving Tom at home. The two were married on January 7, 2000. Citing irreconcilable differences, Erika filed on November 3. As you may know, there was no prenup and California is a community property state. So Erika might be getting out while Tom still has community property… Thus far, Erika has only asked the court to let her keep everything she acquired before the marriage and after the separation date. Fun fact, a separation date was not listed in the filing.

Per a court order, Erika and Tommy must provide their financial information to each other. Erika will not be poor by any means. This divorce will solidify her one and only storyline since she joined show. Someone is always having a Hail Mary baby or ending a relationship when Bravo execs are in the thinking room.


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RHOBH is currently in production and it is unclear if this will play out on the show. Erika should probably call the ball now and decide to open up. I am 100% sure the fans will not accept one sliver of the “please respect our privacy” shit or “it didn’t happen on camera” garbage. Nope. Nada. Not gonna have it. After what viewers were forced to endure regarding Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville’s alleged illicit affair, that also “happened off camera“, it won’t fly. In the legendary words of renowned Poet Laureate Kim Richards, “LET’S TALK ABOUT THE HUSBAND!”


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