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Erika Jayne Selling Her Designer Clothes Online Amid Divorce From Tom Girardi And Embezzlement Allegations

There is major trouble afoot on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: What Ever Happened To Erika Jayne? Lots of legal issues are brewing and possible criminal charges are looming. Also, the show is in production which means viewers will get a glimpse of what everyone is talking about, even though they won’t be talking about it. But that’s okay because we are going to MENTION IT ALL. Erika Jayne and estranged husband Tom Girardi might have knocked Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers off the Worst Scammers of All Time pedestal.

Vicki and Brooks held that title for years, because sympathy casseroles were a thing. But Tom and Erika’s recent accusations of embezzlement and fraud blow them out of the water. So what happens when you are accused of stealing money from plane crash and burn victims? When your assets are frozen amid questionable divorce filings and you are 30 seconds away from forced bankruptcy? Honey, you start selling your shit. And that’s exactly what Erika is doing. Anyone need a gently used Gucci tracksuit with faint notes of Jean Nate and desperation?

First I want to extend my sincere apologies to both Dorit and PK Kemsley for my previous close-minded views on their sketchy checking accounts. It never really occurred to me that nice, little high-powered lawyer Tom was ALLEGEDLY siphoning money from people he defended so Erika Girardi could give no fucks as Erika Jayne. But someone might want to take Erika’s super edgy “cunty” necklace and give her one that says, “thiefy”. I wonder if she sent Lisa Vanderpump a HAND WRITTEN condolence card for the death of Giggy Vanderpump. Get back on LVP’s good side because sis might need a loan soon. Who’s the sniper from the side now?

Speaking of needing a loan, Erika is probably running low on cash. Which completely negates the image she has portrayed since joining RHOBH. Erika loved her fast cars and expensive jewelry. She loved her $40k a month glam and big house. Speaking of big house, Erika’s next singing gig might be the matinee show at Folsom a la Johnny Cash. In the interim, Erika needs gas money, so she has been reduced to selling her used clothes online. DORIT WOULD NEVER!


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According to The Blast, Erika announced she was selling her duds on the app Vestiaire Collective. She listed quite a haul of previously worn items on her account. Hmmm, how much for the sunglasses she wore when flying on the corporate jet while a family owed money struggled to put dinner on the table? ALLEGEDLY. Erika listed a ton of previously worn items on her account. Each item is being offered at a small discounted rate. The majority of the clothes were worn by Erika during the filming of RHOBH or red carpet appearances.

You too can own the dress Erika wore when uttering her, “some people call me cold, but that’s not ice, it’s embezzlement diamonds” tagline. The dress is on sale for $1600, but if you offered $500 and a sneer, she would take it. With nearly 40 pieces up for bidding, there is probably something for everyone! As long as you enjoy knowing some of these items were probably purchased with grifted money. ALLEGEDLY.


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Erika has a long way to go because this isn’t even remotely close to being over. And if you see a collection of Cartier Panther rings on eBay for the low, low price of $59.99, you’ll know who the seller is.


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