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Tom Girardi Facing MORE Legal Issues; Erika Jayne’s Husband Sued For Not Paying Leases

Well guys and gals, it’s that time again. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: The Wolf of Pasadena star, Erika Jayne’s estranged hubby is in some very hot water and Ms. Girardi is about to get splashed. Tom Girardi’s legal issues have become quite real and incredibly disturbing. Erika filed for divorce from Tom amid some dodgy financial issues and all of the skeletons are coming out to party.

It’s easy to think, “Tom is a high-powered attorney, getting sued is totally normal“, but stealing money from accident victims because Erika’s kitty is like a python, tick-ticking like a time bomb is not on the list of how to legally do business, ALLEGEDLY. Tom has been called out for years due to some suspect money laundering financial transactions, and now it’s only getting worse. Here comes another skeleton wanting their money back.

Oh Tom. I hate to go full Tyra Banks, but we were rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! In a string of lawsuits relating to fraud and debt collection, recently law firm Edelson PC accused both Erika and Big Tommy of embezzling money from plane crash victims’ families. The suit alleges Boeing victims who won a settlement while Tom was the acting attorney never got paid. Documents imply the settlement money was not turned over to the plaintiffs but mysteriously found itself in Erika’s business account.

ALLEGEDLY, Tom wasn’t siphoning money to provide for the homeless community or St. Jude’s – not that being a thief is ever acceptable, but at least it’s better than being accused of funding Erika’s Cartier Panther Ring collection. It seems unbelievable that a man of Tom’s stature could be so woefully stupid, but here we are. Now Wells Fargo is joining the festivities.


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According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Big Tommy and Girardi Keese are being sued by Wells Fargo Vendor Financial Services. The suit was filed this week in Los Angeles Superior Court. OH COME ON! Yep, Wells Fargo accuses Tom of breach of written agreement and conversion. Apparently Tom’s law firm entered into a lease agreement to finance the rental of office equipment and he never paid. Are we about to start fighting about fax machines? Yes. We. Are.

The firm signed five different leases. Wells Fargo says Tom breached the contract when he stopped making monthly payments in July and August. The unpaid bills include the rental charges, maintenance, taxes, overages, late fees, and a purchase option. For Christ’s sake, Tom, get yourself together. Wells Fargo says the total amount owed immediately is $882,715.51. Additionally, there’s interest at the rate of 10% per annum from the date of default. How does one become delinquent for almost one million dollars? PK Kemsley has no comment


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The equipment rented to Tom is located at his offices, which also might be the site of his new physical address. The company says the lease terms allow them to immediately seize the property due to his alleged default. Next thing you know, Tom and Erika will be wondering what those strange metal contraptions are on the wheels of their automobiles.

Tom has yet to publicly comment on any of his lawsuits, but he has requested the courts terminate Erika’s demand for spousal support in their divorce. You know, the divorce that is not a sham to protect assets. Erika hasn’t commented on anything but she is posting topless throwbacks on her Instagram to show how unbothered she is by these petty claims. Since RHOBH filming is underway, albeit suspended because of the Rona, Erika will be dealing with these issues during production. Let’s all say it together, OPEN AND HONEST.


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