Robyn Dixon Shoots Down Rumors She Was Fired From Real Housewives Of Potomac

Real Housewives of Potomac finally had their look-at-us season. It’s been around since 2016, but some folks are just waking up to the east coast ladies thanks to Monique Samuels and the hair-grab heard around the world. Her barn dance with Candiace “I’m Not Provoking You” Dillard put the show on the map and brought new viewers to the RHOP fan base. The original cast has remained largely intact. Robyn Dixon has been on board since day one. She has been portrayed as a somewhat tragic figure, living with her ex-husband who cheated on her and seemingly yearning for a reconciliation despite the infidelity.

And that’s basically been Robyn’s party trick since the beginning. Her storyline never ventured far from the Juan Dixon saga. Is Juan still cheating? Will Juan remarry Robyn? But the real question is, will Robyn ever have content beyond Juan and making hats that no one asked for? There has been some chatter that Robyn is stale and offers very little to RHOP, especially on the heels of the Drag Me 2020 tour. Monique has left the building, but is anyone else departing? Apparently not, Robyn is shutting down any speculation she was #firedbybravo.

Robyn is many things. Mother. Entrepreneur. Tax avoider. But she has kind of become the Cynthia Bailey of RHOP. She’s there, we see her, but she’s kind of like your average kitchen junk drawer. You know it’s got a lot of stuff in it, but you don’t feel like looking through the mess. While Robyn has been on an eternal quest to reignite the flame of monogamy with Juan, Robyn’s choice of hair wear has been more interesting than her actual life.

Fans definitely found themselves taking sides in the Monique vs Candiace brawl. People became extremely opinionated and for once the Potomac franchise was a hot topic. Naturally the cast members took sides as well and if you didn’t lean a particular way, some of the more “dedicated” viewers would let them know. Robyn shared an exchange on her Instagram Story and Queens of Bravo captured the moment.


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There are some that get way too involved with reality television. It’s one thing to be a fan – but it’s another to be an aggressive instigator, saying horrible things in an effort to provoke a particular response. Hmmm, that sounds vaguely familiar for some reason but I can’t put my finger on it. Perhaps it will come to me later… Robyn received a DM from someone who might want to try decaf in the future and questioned her status on the show.

The screenshot was both incredibly basic and insulting, and Mother Dorothy’s purse is never around when you need it. It read; “FIRED, SO GLAD YOUR BITCH ASS WAS FIRED, CUNT, WHORE, UGLY ASS COW” I mean, how do you really feel? Instead of dropping profanities in return, Robyn dropped facts. In red text, Robyn addressed the disgruntled messenger. In response to the fired line, Robyn wrote, “Sorry, you get your news from non-credible sources.” To the bitch ass remark, Robyn said, “Don’t get too excited.” She even addressed the c-word moment and replied, “WELL DAMN”. Robyn also said tv adds pounds but she is far from fat, on the ugly ass cow effort. Also, attacking someone for their weight is literally proving you aren’t intelligent enough to come up with something clever.


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Pro-tip; if reality television gets you that fired up, switch to PBS. Robyn might not be the most interesting person in Potomac, and we might be tired of the long drawn out Juan storyline, but she is no punk. If she could come out from under Gizelle Bryant’s shadow, Robyn would be a more formidable presence on the show. Until then, it looks like we will have to remain satisfied with not paying taxes, hats nobody wants, and Juan.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]