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Candiace Dillard Wished Death On A Blogger Who Recently Died Knowing He Suffered With Medical Issues

We’re all pretty familiar with the very basic rules of human nature. One of the first things we learn is not to put our hands on people. Most of us are also told early on to watch what we say. Because in some areas if you are going to talk that talk, please be prepared to walk that walk. That seems to be the overall lesson on this season of Real Housewives of Potomac.

Candiace Dillard was involved in a physical fight with Monique Samuels. Candiace has a mouth on her and uses it frequently. Despite having a run in with her mother’s purse, and Monique’s hands, Candiace seems mostly unafraid to talk that talk. No one will dispute that violence is never the answer, but words are a weapon all on their own. In August, Candiace had some words for blogger, Khyle Paylor, who seemingly sided with Monique in the dispute. Candiace insulted the man physically and wished death on him as well. Sadly, Khyle has passed away. Candiace must have been absent the day we were learning to watch what we say.

Obviously no one in their right mind thinks Candiace wished death on someone and they perished as a result. If that were the case, I would be on Candiace’s doorstep asking her to wish me into a vacation. But exactly what are Candiace’s damn boundaries? Unfortunately for Candiace’s often spiteful tongue, some things can’t be erased with an apology. Not that she’s into apologizing.

Mother Dorothy might want to keep that purse handy. We get it, Candiace is an emotional entity, but she needs to start checking herself. Just because someone does not agree with her doesn’t mean she needs to disparage a person’s physique and wish death on them. Repeatedly. But that’s what happened when DMV (DC, Maryland, VA) area blogger Khyle chose #teammonique.


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In an especially sad twist of fate, the gentleman at the core of Candiace’s disdain has died. According to All About The Tea, Khyle passed on November 4. In August of this year, Candiace posted what amounts to be an incredibly juvenile but vitriolic clip about Khyle. The Instagram video, shared by OnThisDayEntertainment included Candiace calling Khyle an “obese piece of shit who needs to drop dead” among other horrible things. Also, describing Candiace’s words as “horrible” is being incredibly generous.

Apparently, Candiace “had intimate knowledge of Kyle’s medical condition and knew he was on dialysis and suffered with health issues. ”


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Candiace’s failure to prevent herself from engaging in malicious words has already gotten her in trouble. If you argue that physical fighting is wrong, please feel free to include that emotional abuse is also a thing. Fat shaming someone, going off script and attacking health issues, wishing someone dead – that steps into emotional abuse territory, whether it’s acknowledged or not.

Candiace should realize not everything that pops in her head should come out of her mouth. Anger is a valid emotion. However, making a video publicly humiliating someone and wishing them dead is an INCREDIBLY bad look. Candiace can ovary up and apologize to Monique. Or Ashley Darby. Or even her mother. But she can’t take back the poor display against Khyle. Maybe this will be the one thing that helps Candiace to watch her words, because next time Karma might not be so forgiving.


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