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Tiffany Moon Thinks She May Be “A One-Hit Wonder” On Real Housewives Of Dallas

Tiffany Moon may be a newbie on Real Housewives of Dallas, but she is bringing it this season. Tiffany is a married mom of twin daughters and is an anesthesiologist.

She brought a fresh vibe to RHOD, and I love it. Tiffany isn’t afraid to call out the other ladies, which is refreshing. When Tiffany hosted a traditional brunch for her co-stars, she insisted that they try a chicken foot. Of course, Kameron Westcott refused, then hid hers under the table. Second to the trauma from the chicken foot is the fact that the table had no centerpiece. How will Kameron ever recover? Spoiler alert: she won’t.

Kameron has other issues with Tiffany. “She got a little bossy, [there was] a problem of talking down to me,” Kameron stated. Of course, Tiffany and Kary Brittingham didn’t get along from the jump. Tiffany felt that Kary was bullying her by trying to get her to drink tequila shots at Stephanie Hollman’s party.

Tiffany didn’t like the way that Kary kept heckling D’Andra Simmons about not feeling well at Tiffany’s brunch. Kary also called D’Andra a hypochondriac. Tiffany later tweeted, “So you talking to @dandrasimmons like that isn’t bullying? Bye girl. BYE.” Kary responded, “You are so brave behind a phone! You never said anything directly to me when we were filming! NEVER.”


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Thankfully, Tiffany clapped back, and referenced Kary’s 50th birthday party. Kary pushed a fully dressed Tiffany in the pool. Oh, and Tiffany cannot swim. “I specifically remember asking you to not give me shots. 2. But you’re right I never asked you to not push me into a swimming pool. 3. I’ll be sure to be more clear in the future,” Tiffany tweeted. Damn!

Tiffany gave D’Andra and Stephanie a tour of her house, and in case it wasn’t clear, Tiffany is very rich. She gave a tour of her closet, which has a fingerprint lock. The anesthesiologist showed off a few of her handbags. During her confessional, Stephanie called Tiffany bragging about her belongings “obnoxious.” After that episode aired, Tiffany popped on Twitter to take a swipe at Stephanie.


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During the most recent episode of RHOD, Tiffany talked to her young daughters about all the hours that she works because she is helping others. Her daughters just want her to be home more, and to spend more time with them. It was heartbreaking.

In an interview with StyleCaster, Tiffany addressed her future on the franchise. “I don’t know. I might be a little bit of a one-hit wonder,” Tiffany shared. “It was a lot in terms of the time away from my family because normally I work and when I’m not working, I’m with my family.” She continued, “But this time, I was at work, and when I wasn’t working, I was working, so I didn’t see my family for much over the summer.” How does she manage such an insane schedule?

“Ask me again in 12 or 13 weeks when it all finishes,” Tiffany stated. “I’m not sure I’m the sort of Housewife that people want to continue seeing. I have no idea,” she added.


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