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Real Housewives Of Dallas Recap: Curiosity Killed The Chicken

Tiffany Moon is having a tough time fitting in this season on The Real Housewives of Dallas. Her first faux pas was aggressively pushing the idea for the ladies to eat chicken feet. You would think she may have learned from her mistake, but it got much worse for her on last week’s episode. Tricking her new friend group into eating pizza with crickets sprinkled on it is HORRIBLE party etiquette. Right Kameron Westcott?

She has all of the tools to be a great Housewife, but right now she’s trying too hard. Another person who is always trying too hard to seem like a big deal is Kary Brittingham. She was beyond annoying during the last season of Real Housewives of Dallas, but she’s managed to take her irritating behavior to a new level this year. I don’t know what D’Andra Simmons has done to deserve this hounding from her. Their friendship is on the verge of crumbling for good. This episode could be the end.

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The Austin trip sounds like it’s going to be a fabulous time, but things are rough with the group. Every time they’re all together lately, drama erupts. Typically, it ends up becoming all about the new feud between D’Andra & Kary. They cannot get on the same page because neither of them are taking time to truly listen to the other. It’s high school s**t.

Kameron & Stephanie Hollman decided to travel to Austin in a rock star tour bus. Those aren’t the first two people I’d have in mind to do that theme. That seems more Brandi Redmond or Kary, or even D’Andra’s style. I fully expect this to be a watered down prim and proper version of rock star.


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Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Tiffany’s excited to go on the trip, but she has an important meeting coming up. It’s critical that she heads into that meeting in a positive headspace. She might want to rethink attending this trip because many of the ladies have issues with her. Every time Tiffany’s around them, she manages to offend at least one of them, so she might be in for a rough time.

Tiffany wants a reduction in her work hours which is much needed. Her schedule sounds insane, and I have no idea how she’s managing to juggle it all. It will be worth it in the end because she can spend more time with her children. Not only that, but it’ll be less hectic trying to schedule time with the group.

I’ve never seen anyone rely on Excel spreadsheets in the same way Tiffany does. She LOVES them. Is that a doctor thing or what? She’s trying to explain her love of them to D’Andra who is the total opposite. D’Andra is like a messy tornado, so she can use all of the organization tips Tiffany can provide.

Tiffany might encounter another hiccup with the other women when they go on this trip. She really keeps digging her hole with everyone deeper each episode. She bought D’Andra this umbrella looking hat, but she didn’t get one for everyone else. That’s not going to go over well with everyone. If you’re trying to fit in, that’s another slip down the ladder of acceptance in the group.


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D’Andra asks Tiffany how she thinks things went overall at the pizza party. Crickets. I think that’s really all that has to be said. How do you think it went? The women were horrified to learn that she put bugs in the food. Not only that, but a lot of the women didn’t feel like Tiffany was a horrible host.

Stephanie says that pizza night was a terrible experience. I think the crickets sent everyone over the edge, but that wasn’t the biggest issue. The laundry list of ground rules that she set ahead of time really made the tone of the night uncomfortable. Simply put, it was annoying. Nobody wants to be talked down to like a third grader when they go to their friend’s home for dinner.

I’m glad D’Andra warned Tiffany ahead of time so she wasn’t blindsided on the bus to Austin. Hopefully D’Andra has her back with the other women, so she’s not without an ally. We’ve seen in the past what happens when someone feels stuck on an island with nobody on their side. It’s not pretty.

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

D’Andra opens up to her husband Jeremy Lock about her growing tension with Kary. They need to talk because it’s only going to get worse if they continue letting it fester.


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D’Andra doesn’t want to be fighting with Kary because they’ve had a great friendship. I don’t think it’s going to happen. Kary seems hellbent on keeping this issue with her going no matter what. It’s like she WANTS the conflict with them to grow and get worse.

Kameron & Stephanie tour the bus, and it looks phenomenal. Why can’t anyone ever take me on a trip in style like that? Buses aren’t usually Kameron’s thing because of motion sickness, but she recognizes the cool factor of this one.

This seems like so much overkill for Kary’s birthday. Why are we going all out for this woman? She makes every event miserable to attend. The sound of her voice is grating as hell, and she offers almost nothing to this show.

Everyone’s thrown off by Brandi showing up with a blowup doll named Captain Dick. Most of the group was in an annoyed uproar over D’Andra’s captain Brandi. Why are they totally okay with Brandi now doing the same thing? Neither joke was that funny.


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Tiffany’s going out of her comfort zone so far on the trip to finally have more fun. After all that’s gone down between her and everyone, that’s probably for the best. She even starts asking everyone sexual questions which seems totally out of character for her. This is a great step though in bonding with this group. Not so much Kameron, but that topic is always on the mind of the other women.

Brandi Redmond Stephanie Hollman Kary Brittingham Tiffany Moon Kameron Westcott D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

Unfortunately for everyone, the tour bus can’t go down the road to their rental property. The ladies have to walk with everyone over a half mile. I bet D’Andra is rethinking her choice to bring so many bags now. Whoever packed lightest is about to be the happiest. It’s nearly 100 degrees outside, and they’re tracking up some hill to their vacation home.

Kameron, you really knocked it out of the part as the hostess. For someone always dogging Tiffany about her ability as a host, how is this any better? Should’ve planned for stuff like this. At least the property itself is beyond beautiful.


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Thank goodness once they arrive to the house, they’re served with drinks. After being forced to trek through the elements like that, someone better have some tequila ready to go.

Once they’re all settled, Kary issues an apology to Tiffany for coming off like a bully. She asks to always come talk to her if she’s ever feeling that type of way about her. That’s great to her. Maybe these two still have hope at building a genuine friendship in the future.

Afterward D’Andra is pissed off that she didn’t get the apology from Kary that Tiffany got. Tiffany tries to make D’Andra see that Kary could’ve meant every word she was saying about being better. That’s not good enough for D’Andra though. She wants to go on and on about this. The shaman isn’t working because it’s evident D’Andra is coming on this trip looking for a conflict with Kary.


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In the middle of their conversation they’re interrupted by Kary & Kameron. Their pop-in is innocent enough because they just want to know if everyone’s bags have arrived yet.

Kary & Kameron decided to wait outside of the room, so they can listen in on the rest of the conversation. Dinner will be fun because now they overheard D’Andra saying she didn’t buy the speech on the dock. Luckily for Tiffany, she’s saying all of the right things. There’s nothing she’s saying in response to D’Andra that will get spun against her later.

However, D’Andra is really opening herself up to get blindsided later at dinner. Kary & Kameron are hearing everything that’s being said, and it’s leaving Kary hurt and shocked. It doesn’t help that D’Andra is shouting all of this at the top of her lungs.

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

D’Andra’s making a new issue out of nothing. She’s spiraling before anything’s even gone down. What’s the point of going into something looking for conflict? Tiffany is trying her best to make D’Andra understand that point, but it’s useless. D’Andra has her mind made up, and she’s acting wholly irrational. Kameron does note to Kary that at least Tiffany’s being nice to her. Bonus points for Tiffany’s standing improving within the group.


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Kary & Kameron visit Stephanie & Brandi’s room to tell her what they just overheard. I don’t really care for Kary that much as you all know, but this time I have to be on her side. She did that speech with seemingly the best intentions in mind, so I’m not sure what D’Andra wants from her. Eventually they can have their one on one, but that wasn’t the time or the place.

Brandi thinks D’Andra’s jealous of Kary trying to start fresh with Tiffany and not her. Kary starts crying, and you can tell she’s genuinely hurt by the issue with D’Andra. It would be nice if this trip could serve as healing getaway for them.

I can never unsee Tiffany giving D’Andra a B-12 shot in her ass. What did I ever do to deserve having to witness that? Unfair. MY EYES. THEY BURN.

Before dinner, Stephanie tells everyone she’s arranged for them to play a game of chicken s**t bingo. That’s an actual thing that is happening right before our very eyes. First I have to see D’Andra’s whole ass cheek, and now chicken’s s**tting on a bingo board. This is my life.


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After the game, the winner Kary gives a toast about only wanting to be surrounded by love. This is a thinly veiled way to get her issues with D’Andra out in the open. She eventually calls her out by name, and we are off to the races! This fight is about to pick up a whirlwind of steam!

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

D’Andra says Kary bullies her a lot, but Kameron takes offense to her use of that word. This prompts Kary to ask the table if they’ve ever seen her bully D’Andra. Nobody wants to admit they think that, but D’Andra lists off a ton of examples of how she bullied her.

The nitpicking has to add up after a while and cause someone to go over the edge. People can only take so much of being poked and prodded about every little thing. Eventually enough is enough, and that’s the point D’Andra’s finally at.

Kary reached the end of her rope with D’Andra when she made light of her struggles as a mother. They both say the other one is lying about being truly invested in the friendship. They have different definitions of friendships, and that’s never going to change.


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D’Andra storms away from the table and threatens to leave the trip completely. As she’s storming away she tells Kary to go f**k herself. This went from 0 to 100 so damn fast. This is so stupid because they’re not even fighting over anything specific. THERE IS NO LISTENING RIGHT NOW. D’Andra issues an ultimatum that she won’t stay on the trip unless Kary extends an olive branch.

Tiffany asks Kary to speak to D’Andra, but that’s not going to happen. Also, the more Kary talks and says she wants D’Andra to beg her, the more she thinks she might be a bully. The label of bully is a big one, but there’s been more than once instance this season where Kary’s felt like one. That’s on her, period.

Tiffany starts crying because the fighting reminds her of her parent’s fighting. That’s quite the stretch. I want to like her for this show so badly, but that’s so over the top. Kary RIPS into Tiffany for even attempting to get her to apologize to D’Andra. Whew.


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