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Craig Conover Hopes Kristin Cavallari Will Appear On Southern Charm

The latest season of Southern Charm showed off an entirely new vibe. OGs like Cameran Eubanks, Thomas Ravenel and more were out. The show confronted racism, the pandemic and everything in between. The only thing that stayed the same was Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll’s turbulent relationship, and it escalated to new heights. 

By now we know Madison has a thing for athletes. She’s allegedly FaceTimed with Jennifer Lopez’s fiance Alex Rodriguez and apparently signed an NDA about it. We also know that she has a thing for Jay Cutler, and that thing seems to be making Austen jealous. She was super pissed when Austen started hanging out with Jay’s ex Kristin Cavalleri, and thus began one of the messiest relationship webs in reality TV history.

And now that Kristin’s show Very Cavallari is done for good, she might have a future on the new and somewhat improved Southern Charm. At least, if the throw pillow king Craig Conover has a stay. Craig recently told Us Weekly that Kristin might make an on-screen appearance next season, particularly when he opens his flagship store for Sewing Down South. “I hope so. It’s not ruled out at all,” he said. “If they’re at the party, then yeah. I think some of our friends from the past six months, you’ll get to see a decent amount of them, which will be really fun.”

Craigy has maintained that he and Kristin are just really good friends, and there’s nothing romantic going on. And she’s apparently been helping him figure out the concept for his brick-and-mortar shop. “She just opened her new store. … She put a lot of money into that store and it’s beautiful. And so, I actually used that as an example, and I was like, ‘Can we do this? Like, yes, Craig, maybe in five years, if you’re here every day and you really work,'” he continued.


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The show is missing its permanent sisterly figure since Cameran left, so Kristin might make a good replacement. We all know those good old boys down south could use a reality check once in a while.

Craig went on to say that he’s excited for Bravo’s upcoming new show Winter Housewhich will feature himself, Austen and some of the Summer House cast. “I think hopefully that sets the precedent for the whole, ‘Well it doesn’t make sense that you guys are friends,’ thing. It doesn’t matter anymore. We’re friends, everyone wants to see our friends. Let them come and see what happens.”


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If Kristin does make her on-screen debut in Charleston, we know that won’t go over well with Madison. Kristin has claimed that Madison “begged” her ex-husband to appear on the show, after claiming she slept with him. So Madison might be getting her wish of being seen with Kristin. And there would undoubtedly be plenty of potting stirring opportunities for Shep Rose to stick his nose into.


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