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Drew Sidora Says LaToya Ali Pretended To Be Sick At Reunion Taping; LaToya Says Drew’s Husband Ralph Pittman Has A Side Piece

Latoya Ali was the lightning strike that Real Housewives of Atlanta needed this season, whether you like her or not. She’s in a complicated relationship with Kenya Moore that has everyone confused. She and Drew Sidora have gone back and forth since they first met. And she almost made Falynn Guobadia come at her with a golf club after she made disparaging comments about her husband.

While she might not be the best person to have as a friend, at least according to Porsha Williams, she’s great for RHOA. She brings Twirl out of her shell. She can turn even Falynn’s boring ass party into an event. And now she’s gotten into another battle with the cast about the reunion before it’s even aired. 

As the RHOA ladies were filming the reunion, Toya took to Instagram to tell her followers she was sick. Falynn called her bluff, and they continued their feud online. Now, Drew’s made some comments accusing Latoya of faking being sick. And, LaToya’s not backing down.

Drew spoke to E! News about Toya’s absence, saying “I definitely know she was not ready for this work.” She continued, “She was coming up with every excuse and reason — and she wanted her fans to back her up like she can’t come — they had to pull her. Like, ‘Get out here, girl.'”


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And Drew came with receipts. She claims Toya, “went out with her boyfriend after the reunion was over,” alleging she was fine. “I’m not buying it,” Drew added, and she has a point. LaToya definitely wasn’t coming in peace at all this season, so she was in for a hell of a reunion.

As I said, Drew didn’t just get away with making these comments without a clap back. Toya tweeted, “I was sick at the Reunion. Drew had Ralph [Pittman]’s barber BARGE into my room without knocking with a camera in my face and said ‘compliments of Drew Sidora’ and handed me a Vitamin C packet. Security kicked him out. Drew denied it. LYIN ASS HEIFER!” We know Toya loves bringing Ralph into the drama, and this makes it sound like she didn’t totally go MIA from reunion day.  Thankfully, because she really is the key ingredient to making this reunion as messy as possible.


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LaToya tweeted more damning statements about Drew’s relationship. She said,Ralph stay out of women’s drama and go back to your side piece’s house in Tampa, I’m sure her peach is juicer.” She really is one for throwing low blows and never looking back. But it does seem like Drew swept Ralph’s shady behavior under the rug to up their image on the show. And Toya is not letting everyone forget his mysterious rendezvous to Florida.

And she kept going. “I can’t stand a fake Christian they are the first to cast judgement,” another tweet read. When a follower asked why she started clapping back, she responded with “I have the time today.” For being a newbie, she’s jumped into her first season both feet first. And Bravo fans should be thankful for that. 


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