Jen Shah Defends Posting On Instagram After Arrest; Says She’s Combatting “Negativity Spewed” About Fraud Allegations

Jen Shah showed her true colors throughout the first season of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. We know she’s prone to temper tantrums, insulting her so-called friends and refusing to take responsibility for her actions. 

Fans have been undoubtedly excited for the upcoming Season 2 of RHOSLC  after an explosive debut. However, the anticipation reached an entirely new level when Jen was arrested for her alleged involvement in a long-running telemarketing scheme. She and her No. 1 assistant Stuart Smith are facing federal money laundering and fraud charges, which hold a maximum 30-year sentence in prison. Jen’s managed to have all of the marital problems, legal issues and explosive outbursts that it’s taken Teresa Giudice 11 seasons to master. 

In true Jen fashion, she’s been denying the allegations both in the courtroom and online, proclaiming she’s innocent. She stayed true to her roots — getting glam before a court appearance, wearing leopard boots to court and posting on Instagram like nothing is wrong. Bravo enthusiasts have notice Jen’s total lack of acknowledgment that she’s literally facing federal fraud charges. But according to a screenshot of Jen’s DMs with a fan posted by Two Judgey Girls, Jen sees nothing wrong in posting away. What a surprise (not).

A fan DMed Jen saying, “You should really stop posting I love you but come on.” And the RHOSLC star responded saying, “I’m reposting the support from my friends to tell them thank you. The allegations are not true and to only see negativity spewed is extremely difficult. Thank you for sending your love. I appreciate the support now more than ever.” So Jen is still on another planet. Like, if she’s not guilty, why did she run away after allegedly receiving a tip about her impending arrest? And she’s always been vague about how she makes all that cash. Apparently whoever is left of her Shah Squad is fueling this delusional fire. And, are her tone-deaf Insta Stories Coach Shah approved?


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Jen seems to be pulling an Erika Jayne by being a bit self-absorbed about the situation. Like, she’s accused of scamming a bunch of elderly people and then going on a reality TV show to brag about her excessive spending. While Andy Cohen is hoping the allegations aren’t true, it’s not looking great for Jen. But the good news is that her trial isn’t set to take place until October.

And if she will keep filming, she’s definitely not helping to make reparations. She’s called Heather Gay “racist AF,” claimed that Mary Cosby “thinks she’s white” and has totally burned any potential bridges with Meredith Marks and Whitney Rose. Fingers crossed we get to see this allll play out on the show, we know Bravo fans are in dire need of it. 


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]