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Simon Guobadia Offers Fans $50k To Prove He Cheated On Falynn Guobadia And Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams has truly managed to give us more drama in the past week than the entire thirteenth season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. And let’s just hope that even though the show just wrapped someone with a camera is capturing the behind-the-scenes for next season.

If you haven’t heard, Porsha is newly engaged. No, not to hot dog Dennis McKinley. To Falynn Guobadia’s very recent ex Simon Guobadia. Like so recent that their divorce isn’t even finalized yet. And in case you forgot, Porsha was the one who introduced Falynn to RHOA, despite her claiming they aren’t friends. While Falynn probably spoke a total of 10 minutes the entire last season, she didn’t make a dime from appearing on the show. Let’s hope she manages to get a peach in her hand next season, so we can really see this all go down.

As if this situation wasn’t messy enough, secrets are coming out of the woodwork that raises more red flags about Simon than, well, the fact that he gave his ex’s friend a massive diamond ring weeks after splitting up. He’s been linked to another woman who claims to have been seeing Simon just before his engagement to Porsha Luther King. In the fashion of over-sharing in Instagram captions, Simon thought it would be a good idea to offer people a reward for finding concrete proof that he cheated. It’s obvious he’s trying to prove something about his faithfulness, but he’s just baiting Bravo fans to do what they do best — dig up as much dirt as possible.

Simon posted a since-deleted Instagram photo of the woman who claims to have been seeing him just weeks ago. The Instagram account @hollywoodunlocked screenshotted the post. The caption reads, “Let’s have some fun. If anyone can show credible receipts that I cheated on my ex-wife between 6/14/2019 (date of marriage) and 1/15/2021 (date of initial divorce filing), I have $50,000 waiting for you. In the meantime, we have timeline issues with someone claiming to have dated me at the same time as my fiance Porsha.”


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Yeah we have quite a few timeline issues when it comes to this relationship, third parties aside. But it begs the question of whether Simon deleted the post because he realized how ridiculous it sounded, or if someone actually showed him some proof. If so, he needs to follow up with that reward money he was flaunting beforehand.

Let’s not forget that while Simon is trying to prove his innocence, he’s trying to pull an Erika Jayne and accuse Falynn of cheating. It seems like a last-ditch effort to get people on his side. But this entire relationship is just too messy to genuinely support.


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Porsha is already talking about being open to a TV wedding before the ink has dried on any divorce papers. Bravo also granted her a 3-part series about her life, which might offer some insight into this untimely relationship. All I know is that I need a camera on Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton when they heard this news. God knows they have plenty of thoughts about it. In the always eloquent words of Nene Leakes, ouch.


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