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Simon Guobadia Confirms Engagement To Porsha Williams After Split From Falynn Guobadia

Porsha Williams has managed to create more drama in the past 24 hours than what went on throughout the entire thirteenth season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. And this time, it doesn’t even involve Bolo (shocker). P broke the internet by revealing that she’s in a romantic relationship with Simon Guobadia. Yes, that would be Falynn Guobadia’s very recent ex.

If you have a look on your face that looks like Porsha’s when she saw Bolo’s thang for the first time, you’re definitely not alone. Falynn came onto RHOA as a FRIEND-OF PORSHA’S. And while the majority of the drama surrounding her involved being taunted by fellow newbie LaToya Ali, this is a whole other level of breaking girl code. I’d do anything to hear what new besties Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore have to say about this. And honestly, Kandi Burruss and Don Juan probably have plenty of thoughts as well. Now Drew Sidora’s take, on the other hand, I can live without.

Porsha confirmed her month-long relationship with an odd photo of her, Simon and her ex-fiance/baby daddy Dennis McKinley. Yes, hot dog Dennis is somehow involved in this mess, too. And following her internet-breaking posts, Simon confirmed that the two are newly engaged. After one month of being together. After Porsha brought his ex-wife on a reality show. And freshly after the two announced their split. Like can we get the cameras on this, Andy Cohen? Screw Cynthia Bailey’s superspreader wedding. This is what we need to make RHOA ridiculous again.

Simon captioned the post, accompanied by photos of not only him and his new fiance but her massive engagement ring as well. “Getting married again was never a question in my mind, but when. Did not expect to be blessed with a mate so soon,” he wrote. I have so many thoughts about this sentence alone.


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He continues, “The interesting thing about life is that it is an individual journey. Porsha and I, with the support of our loved ones have chosen to travel together as one and spread love and positivity to our community which is in desperate need of positive and healthy images of the best versions of ourselves.” Like, where are you going with this? I’ll spare you hearing a few more rambling and pseudo-inspirational lines. “I asked her to marry me because we checked ALL of each other’s boxes, and then some. We have done the individual work to sustain a healthy relationship, and I stand next to her, proud that we found each other.”

To make the post worst, he adds the popular hashtag #LoveWins, which was created to honor LGBTQ+ relationships. Like these two obviously can not read a room. Except Simon must have anticipated backlash because comments were. turned off of his posts. Was Falynn, Porsha’s friend who she was literally filmed talking about and hanging out with, involved in this “individual work?” Are they even legally divorced this quickly after announcing their breakup merely a few weeks ago? I have so many questions and let’s hope Bravo cameras can give us answers. And let’s say a prayer that LaToya returns and both she and Falynn get peaches next season. Of course, Marlo too. Alongside Twirl, the four of them could really make this already messy situation even more entertaining.


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