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Jennifer Aydin Shaded Melissa Gorga For Selling Fake Chanel At Envy But Deleted It Because It Was A “Low Blow”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey sure do know how to pull out all of the stops for a reunion. Teresa Giudice laughed, cried, and threw a few low-blows because she’s been around the block and knows exactly what kind of energy we expect come reunion time. Joe Gorga joined the ladies before the rest of the husbands. And his performance further showed that he’s really would make a great housewife, maybe even more than his wife. Jennifer Aydin and Melissa Gorga were at each other’s throats. But to be fair, they were going at it on Instagram before the show even aired, accusing each other of faking storylines.

It’s obvious MelGo’s new thing is trying to call out everyone else’s fake storylines to hide her own. But Jen definitely isn’t the one to go for. Aside from her showing her very real family issues all season, she also has shown she knows how to fight dirty. And Jen has a point — Melissa totally used Tre to make her way on the show. And all she’s provided for 10 seasons is a fake singing career, a fake sister, and a fake baby. At least Tarzan is there to always make things interesting or else Melissa probably would’ve been off RHONJ a long time ago.

Jennifer and Melissa were truly going at it before and during the reunion. And one of Jen’s shots was a little too hot even for her. Twitter account @queensofbravo posted a screenshot of a since-deleted post from Jennifer.

The photo was a screenshot of a story regarding Melissa’s store, Envy, selling fake Chanel products. We know Jen is serious about her Chanel, but this story is from a few years back. “ICYMI Fake is as Fake does,” Jen wrote in the caption. While the comeback is undeniably great, it is a little icky whenever the ladies try to tear down each other’s businesses. And it never really ends well.


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It was only up for mere moments before Jennifer deleted it. She followed it with a post explaining why she deleted it for those who saw it. “That was a low blow. I’m done now and I want to enjoy watching the reunion with everyone else,” she wrote. So Jen does have a line, even if she does cross it from time to time. She probably learned that from Teresa, as we know Jen is a loyal Tre Hugger through and through.

It’s clear after part one of the RHONJ reunion that there is a divide in the group. Margaret Josephs, MelGo and Jackie Goldschneider have been teaming up against Jennifer. But the only “dirt” they really have is calling her a “sloppy drunk” and a Teresa soldier, which is pretty weak. And it’s no match for Jennifer, who fights like a Tre 2.0 but with a quick wit and possibly even a sharper tongue.


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