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Melissa Gorga Slams Jennifer Aydin For Doing Anything To Make Teresa Giudice Happy And For Throwing Mom Under The Bus; Jen Says Melissa Is On The Show Because Of Teresa And Her “More Entertaining Husband” Joe Gorga

The Real Housewives of New Jersey killed it this season, but did fans really expect anything less? Teresa Giudice did what she does best — blow up, stir the pot and avoid accountability. And mix up her words. Melissa Gorga threw a cheese plate and got into it with Tre, just for a moment, like the good old days of Jersey. Jennifer Aydin’s drunk antics and gossip sessions with Bill Aydin were A+ housewives’ material. Margaret Josephs continued to be a loyal friend and bitterly feud with Jennifer at every turn. The most tragic part was Jackie Goldschneider’s hair. Otherwise, fans couldn’t ask for much more.

MelGo and Jennifer have also gone head-to-head this season. Jennifer didn’t shy away from stirring the pot when it came to the rumor Tre spread about Evan Goldschneider. Melissa has accused Jennifer of plenty of wrongdoings, from being a gutlesswannabe” to claiming that Jen makes up her own storylines. Sorry, Melissa, but your wannabe singing career and “lost” sister storylines scream fake more than Jennifer’s on-camera family drama. Jennifer does love to push Melissa’s buttons, so it’s no wonder MelGo isn’t the biggest fan.

Ahead of part one of the reunion, Melissa decided to try some pot-stirring herself and throw some shade at Jennifer. We can’t forget that Jen says MelGo is too “selfish” to have a baby last reunion, so odds are they will continue to go at it this year. Melissa posted photos of herself with the entire cast of New Jersey, Andy Cohen and Joe Gorga. Not only was Jennifer not included in any photos, but she called her out in the captions. “Notice I posted everyone except for one person who I feel is truly happy when family and friends are divided. Probably because she would throw her own mother under the bus for TV,” she wrote. That’s definitely going to hit a nerve with Jen.

Melissa continues by saying that this “person” is a loyal soldier to Tre, which always rubs her sister-in-law the wrong way. Melissa and Jackie are two peas in a pod, so it’s no wonder they don’t want any more Tre Huggers on the cast pulling hair and causing drama. “I’ve been on the show a long time and I know fake and conniving when I see it. When you don’t come for someone at all, and they are constantly trying to put you down and trying to cause riffs in your relationships, that’s a huge red flag,” Melissa continued.


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Jennifer just complimented Melissa and Joe’s strong marriage the other day. She loves to push buttons but doesn’t seem to be totally malicious. This is exactly why Tre is the queen of RHONJ, she understands the need for drama, but knows what happens when it goes too far. A show filled with Melissas and Jackies would not be the Jersey we know and love.

Melissa continues in her post to shade Jennifer. “They might want to try to be the fun tipsy one like you, but they fail and just look sloppy. Lots of skeletons in the closet over there,” the caption reads. Alright, Melissa, we get it. People found you entertaining a handful of times you got tipsy and you’re running with it. Bring this energy to the reunion.


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MelGo’s supporters on the show, aka her husband, Jackie and Marge, commented on the post. What a surprise — this trio aren’t the biggest fans of Jennifer either. “You tell them baby haters gonna hate,” Joe Gorga wrote. “Love You!! Omg the queen has spoken,” Marge wrote. “Damn straight,” Jackie chimed in.

Following Melissa’s post, Jennifer retaliated with her own lengthy caption to show she’s “unbothered” by the whole situation. “I’m on this show because of me- not because my sister-n-law or A more entertaining husband,” she writes. Coming in HOT with the shade. “My husband is a class act who respects women and would never stoop low for the cameras. I guess people envy what they don’t have – I share real and authentic stories, not fake, made-up ones. And I see that some people are threatened by that.” Melissa is going to have a fit that someone else, especially Jennifer, used “envy” against her.


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Jen continued to talk about how Melissa and Marge keep calling her “sloppy” after she let loose at the pool party. “You can take your ‘sloppy’ comments and run with it all you want – hold on to it for dear life- ya got nothing else. Your group is infested with a snake that talks behind all your backs and you’re just Salty…And Boring to Boot! So be careful with all that reach, you’re gonna pull a muscle,” she continued. We already know Jen will bring this energy to the reunion. And Melissa probably wasn’t expecting such a killer clap back.


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