Bugs Reportedly Found In Bottles Of Lisa Vanderpump’s Wine

Life isn’t all diamonds and rosé, but it should at least be without insects. Lisa Vanderpump had a fairly serene year compared to her former co-stars on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. After 10 whole people tuned into Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump on the E! network, she’s also tried to keep restaurants SUR and Pump alive despite the pandemic shutdown. And once again, LVP is gearing up to try and steer Vanderpump Rules back into relevance after a healthy delay.

Like other Housewives, Lisa became a brand. She created a line of spirits and produced a precious pale pink beverage, Vanderpump Rosé. This delightful wine is a crisp, acidic blend of Cinsault, Grenache, and Syrah. The gentle concoction is carefully sourced from grapes nesting in the interior Valley of Provence and Sainte Victoire Terroir. Oooo la la! If that weren’t tempting enough, the dry rosé has notes of sweet citrus (yum!), hints of pepper (yes!), and now apparently, BUGS (oh HELL no).

Shut down the world everybody, Lisa has a big mistake on her hands. If it isn’t Boone’s Farm, I’m out, so clearly I am no wine expert. But it looks like some bottles of Lisa’s famed Vanderpump Rosé are trying to pass off as classy Mezcal. The streets are saying if you currently have a bottle of Vanderpump Rosé chilling in your wine fridge, you might also want to make sure you didn’t accidentally purchase a little buddy with your blush.

According to Page Six, insects were found in a 2018 batch of Lisa’s namesake drink. Oh, DAHLING. Obviously since RHOBH Season 9, otherwise known as The Season Who Must Not Be Named was filmed in 2018, we are forced to ask Lisa Rinna her whereabouts in location to the wine bottling facility during that time. We already know Erika Jayne was probably embezzling money on tour, and Kyle Richards has a fear of everything bugs, so it obviously isn’t her.


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It looks to be earwigs in the contaminated bottles. They arrived at a Las Vegas liquor store but management spotted the stowaways prior to selling. Despite efforts to prevent actual disgusting insects risking their lives for a palate of strawberry, tangerine, and peach, a source advised, “I recommend everyone thoroughly inspect any bottle of Vanderpump Rosé before purchasing and consuming them.” The insider doubts the minibeasts crawled inside the bottles in Provence, France, where Vanderpump’s grapes are procured. Because a French bug would never, honey. They believe the issue stems from the bottling plant and glass-cleaning procedures.

Whatever happened to… quality control? Palm Bay International, the distributor, confirmed no prior complaints about forficula auricularia drowning in LVP’s special blend. A rep from the company said, “This is the first we are learning of it. We stand behind the quality and integrity of the wines in our portfolio and require rigorous standards at the production and bottling facilities that we work with.” Jan would say “sure” but she’s choking down an antenna.


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The rep added, “We’d welcome the chance to connect directly with the individual who encountered this issue, as in five years of selling this product we have never received any retailer or customer complaints of this nature.” Rinna, now is your time to do the right thing and come clean! Page Six reached out to LVP for a statement, but she’s busy trying to get Pump up and running after a little tax snafu. Naturally, the bill for the defective bottles and faulty production will be sent to Kyle.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]