Journalist Claims Kyle Richards Said Lisa Vanderpump Was “Villain” On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Water is wet. The sky is blue. And Kyle Richards is talking about Lisa Vanderpump. Recently, an article was published on Vulture by author, Anna Peele. If you haven’t checked it out, you should. There weren’t a lot of stones left uncovered and Anna called the in-depth piece “my dream assignment“. She did interviews with Kenya Moore, Tiffany Moon, Andy Cohen, and Kyle, to name a few.

No one even vaguely familiar with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would write an article without inquiring about the backstory. Obviously this would include Kyle and Lisa’s doomed relationship. LVP checked out in Season 9, but her memory definitely lives on. Some even say there are parts of Encino where the echoes of, “Goodbye Kyle!” still lingers in the valley. Anna shared some tidbits that weren’t included in her commentary, and one of those tidbits was courtesy of Kyle. Let’s just say, it’s business as usual in Beverly Hills.

Anna’s article is called, “The Soul of Bravo“. She shared on Twitter, “In the last year, the real world permeated the world of reality TV. For @NYMag, I talked to @BravoTV producers, executives, and stars (and, of course, @Andy Cohen) about the growing pains of growing a conscience — including as a viewer.” She covered race relationships, the departure of a moral compass, dynamics between Housewives, and much more.

Speaking of moral compasses and Housewife dynamics, one of Lisa and Kyle’s old spats made the cut. The excerpt reads, “Playwright and MacArthur ‘genius’ grant recipient Branden Jacobs-Jenkins has suggested that the character arcs more closely resemble early Greek tragedies, which used audience participation to exact justice. In them, bad behavior was often rewarded if it was also entertaining, as when Lisa Vanderpump connives to display tabloid stories detailing castmate Kyle Richards’ alleged marital problems.” If I remember correctly, Lisa was not the only interested party in Mauricio Umansky’s supposed dalliances (ahem, Brandi Glanville).


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Not this old chestnut again. Hindsight is 20/20 and all that jazz, but I find it difficult to reflect on Kyle’s dismay at discussing Mo’s ALLEGED penchant for the nanny after what the entire RHOBH cast put Denise Richards through last year. Still, here we are! According to Anna, Kyle added another gem of information, but she didn’t include it in the piece. On Twitter, Anna wrote, “Some tidbits that didn’t make it in the story: Kyle Richards said of Lisa Vanderpump, ‘she was kind of like the villain, and people didn’t realize for so long’.” Lest you forget, Lisa was also a master-manipulator and a Jedi who would utilize the Force to sway your way of thinking. Or maybe she was just playing the game kind of like Kyle is doing now.

A commenter responded to Anna, “I feel like you are very generous to Kyle.” Anna replied simply, “I like Kyle.” I get it, Kyle isn’t a demon. She’s a great mom and OG of the show. Even though it was Yolanda Foster Hadid who said, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” in reference to the Mauricio rumor, LVP was tagged with the bad edit. Lisa handled it and carried on, until ultimately the real Greek tragedy happened. Losing her brother to suicide. An unrelenting and unconfirmed rumor that a story was leaked about someone’s failed attempt to follow dog adoption procedures. Kyle and Co.’s “bad behavior” was ultimately rewarded by Lisa peacing out.


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Maybe some saw Lisa as the villain of RHOBH, but surely that role has been replaced. Widows and orphans, anyone? Even in LVP’s absence, she’s still being discussed. We’ve all moved on, or at least most of us have. While Lisa Rinna continues to shade LVP and Dorit Kemsley’s husband PK doesn’t miss an opportunity to throw mud her way, it might be time for everyone to heed some advice from new diamond holder, Sutton Stracke. Let the mouse go.


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