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Mother With Autistic Son Slams Erika Jayne And Tom Girardi For Taking Money From Their Family; Says It’s “Very Upsetting” To See Erika Show Off Wealth On Real Housewives

You mad yet? This week we are waiting for the premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Season 11 is dropping on Wednesday, but the drama started before filming began. In November 2020, Erika Jayne filed for divorce from former attorney-husband Tom Girardi after a 20-year relationship. This might have worked out well for Erika, had it not been for Tom’s major mismanagement of finances over the years.

Their divorce papers opened the flood gates into accusations of hiding assets and embezzlement. Tom’s previous scrapes with fraud turned into a mountain of alleged lies and theft. As Tom accidentally misplaced $80 million, Erika basked in $40k monthly donations to her beauty regime and wallowed in Xxpen$ive  gifts from her spouse. Meanwhile, people who lost family in an airplane crash didn’t receive settlement money. A burn victim was duped out of funds. And now – take a deep breath – we have the mother of an autistic son speaking out about the money she never received.

The charges lobbed against Erika and Tom are not pretty. While many assume Erika is not liable for her husband’s actions, evidence that supports her knowledge of his nefarious bookkeeping continues to emerge. Little things like, loan signatures and concealing equity. Housewives maintains an audience so viewers can escape into a world of private jets and rich-people toys, unless the wealth is a total sham and has compromised others in the process.

The RHOBH trailer gave us Erika the Victim. Woe-as-me, didn’t know anything, serving All My Children in search of a Daytime Emmy she’ll never get. It’s a lot to stomach after years of JoJo Siwa ponytails, unfortunate Gucci track suits, and a music career created from someone else’s loss. Here’s the thing – if viewers are now watching between veils of disgust, imagine how the victims of Tom’s alleged fraud feel. The Los Angeles Times gives us insight into exactly that. Get ready to be pissed.


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Holly Jones is the mother of 23-year-old Matthew. Holly’s son is autistic and was treated with the drug, Risperdal. Side effects from this medication often result in conditions that worsen or complicate the original diagnosis, as in Matthew’s case. Tom represented Holly in a legal dispute against the manufacturer of Risperdal and negotiated a settlement in the amount of $6,000. Guess what, Holly never saw that money. That’s bad enough, but watching Erika trip the light fantastic only poured salt in the wound.

Via the article, “While Erika Girardi and her castmates were filming a scene last fall at a cocktail party in an Encino mansion, Holly Jones was waiting for a check from Girardi Keese.” Yep, while Erika was strutting around in vintage McQueen and yelling at Denise Richards to do the right thing, Holly’s house was falling apart. She said, “I tried emails, phone calls, left messages.” Holly’s husband died several years ago and the family was counting on the settlement money to make repairs to their home.


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Holly revealed, “We haven’t been able to afford to get anything done, so what we planned to do with the money was either to fix stuff or try to put it down on a new house.” She only recently learned of Tom’s current dilemma and that her son’s settlement money is now gone. Side-note, that is exactly why counsel will be going after “personal” assets. Holly said, “We just barely get by.” Then apparently she burst into tears during the interview.

“I don’t think it’s right. Take that money away from her [Erika] to pay the people they have stolen from, that they have hurt.” Damn, if Dorit Kemsley was lamenting over widows and orphans this will surely blow her wig right off. Erika allegedly “opens up” this season and waxes poetic over her divorce and inability to sleep. Holly, the family members of Lion Air Flight 610, and a man burned over 90% of his body will be sending thoughts and prayers.


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