Briana Culberson Says Meghan Edmonds Fought “Dirtiest” With Vicki Gunvalson On Real Housewives Of Orange County

The Real Housewives of Orange County has undergone a dramatic change from its first seasons that put Real Housewives on the map. Vicki Gunvalson, the OG of the OC, is out, and left kicking and screaming along the way. Can you really blame Bravo after her involvement in the Brooks Ayers cancer scam? Her best amiga Tamra Judge left with her, even though they both seem like they’d pick up their oranges in a heartbeat if production asked. Long gone are the days of fancy pants Heather Dubrow and getting naked wasted with Gretchen Rossi. And after the mess of Season 15, it’s obvious the show needs to make a change for it to be as good as the old days.

Even though Vicki is gone, she’s never forgotten. Or maybe, she doesn’t let us forget her. That’s why the OG kid of the Real Housewives Briana Culberson recently appeared on a special kids version of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Briana is all grown up, a mommy of three and continues to be Vicki’s voice of reason.

Briana took a walk down memory lane to reflect on her mom’s 14 years on RHOC. Andy asked Briana who fought the dirtiest with Vicki throughout her time on the show. There are truly so many options as Vicki can’t help but spread rumors that get her into trouble.

But while her screaming matches with Gretchen or Kelly Dodd may come to mind, Briana’s answer is a bit of a surprise. “Dirtiest, I would have to say Meghan [King Edmonds] kind of came for my mom for a little while and that was kind of hard to watch,” Briana answer. Detective Meghan was the lead investigator into the Brooks cancer scam. But considering Briana’s well-known opinion (read: hatred) of Brooks, it’s shocking to see she wasn’t on Meghan’s side. That’s a loyal daughter.


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And Meghan even said recently that she wishes she was a “bigger bitch” to Vicki throughout her time on the show after the lies that were spread. So while it was tough for Briana to watch, it’s clear Meghan had a lot more fight in her.

Andy also asked if it was hard for Briana to confront Vicki about the Brooks situation. “Not hard at all,” Briana responded. What a badass. Briana fought tooth and nail for her mom to leave the toxicity that was Brooks Ayers. She probably got shudders just appearing with another Brooks, albeit Brooks Marks, during the WWHL special. Bad memories.


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As I said before, RHOC needs a shake-up, and potentially a few returns from housewives of the past. We know Vicki and Tamra will sign on the dotted line ASAP. And Meghan has mentioned her willingness to return too. Truly, Bravo should just bring back the Season 10 cast of Vicki, Tammy Sue, Fancy Pants, Detective Meghan and Shannon Beador. The beef among the tres amigas would obviously be a storyline. Meghan could have her second chance at letting Vicki know who’s boss. And we’d finally get to see the Dubrow mansion after years of building. Sounds like a dream come true for OC fans.


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