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Marlo Hampton Doubts Porsha Williams’ Relationship With Simon Guobadia Is The Real Thing

Real Housewives of Atlanta went all the way escalando and Porsha Williams Stewart Almost McKinley Almost Guobadia will be headlining the tele novela next season. Porsha has her eye on the prize and that prize is a $1.25 million rock, honey. So what if Porsha’s love interest is the former husband of a former friend? Sure, they may or may not have been hooking up on the low since January of this year, despite claims to the contrary. At this point, Porsha needs her own dramatic theme music.

Some people think Porsha and Simon Guobadia’s relationship has been a sham from the jump. And some people are like, mind your own business and naked ring finger. But one thing is clear, it certainly gets viewers interested for another season that hasn’t even begun filming yet. Marlo Hampton is one of those who has publicly criticized Porsha’s new romance, but to be fair Marlo is publicly critical of Porsha anyway. Recently Marlo went on social media and didn’t mince words or spare feelings when she was asked about Porsha’s affair of the heart.

I can’t judge anyone who judges Porsha for bagging Falynn Guobadia’s ex because this is a perfectly judgable offense. It isn’t a terribly good look in the “women supporting women” category, but that apparently goes out the window in the name of a huge bank account true love. On the other side of the coin (pun intended), Porsha is a grown ass woman and makes her own decisions, even if those decisions are solely based on net worth passion.

Season 13 of RHOA was quite a journey. Protests, Covid, and men. Now it’s Bolo who? Porsha’s love life went from possibly banging the stripper to possibly banging Simon. In one swift photo, the former fiancé of the Hot Dog King leveled up to current fiancé of the Film Producer King and Estranged Husband of Girl You No Longer Call A Friend. Romance expert Marlo is clocking the couple and calling them out. The RHOA Tea on Twitter shared a clip of Marlo reacting to fan questions about Porsha and Simon’s relationship.


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Marlo said, “I don’t fuck with them, I don’t think it’s real.” Get in line. Marlo added, “But guess what, good storyline.” Fair. Simon is extra, let’s be real. What kind of man goes on social media in some demonstrative show of testosterone to solicit people to PROVE he has been unfaithful? A thirsty man, that’s who. Marlo doubles down on her reasoning for doubting this magical love story. “I just don’t believe her coming from the household she was raised in. [She comes from] a Christian family.”

This is the same Porsha who previously anointed herself the Princess of Thotlandia, so her “Christian family” is well used to Porsha’s un-Christian behavior. Then Marlo reacted to what she would do, had she been in Falynn’s place. “Y’all remember on the reunion Porsha said she was scared of me. That bitch would have to be scared of me if I ever brought around my man and she dated my man. That would be like me dating Dennis [McKinley].” This sentence was probably brought to you by Hennessy.


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Marlo wrapped it up with this succinct gift. “[There’s] some shit you don’t do. I’m from Florida [and] some shit you just don’t mother fucking do.” Does the whole thing look sus? It definitely has notes of a nice 2021 storyline Bordeaux. Marlo may think Porsha is gearing up for next season or perhaps digging for gold, but maybe Marlo is just hurting from a backache and jealous of Porsha’s shovel.


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